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10 cult products starring 10 ingredients or fewer

You don’t have to be an ‘organic fanatic’ to care about what’s in the lotions and potions you put on your face (and body)! We’re increasingly conscious of ingredients, which is why we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite beauty buys with only ten (or fewer)! These products have listings you can actually make sense of, and the good news is – they’re just as brilliant (if not much better) than their synthetic contemporaries…

With ten essential essences (and metals), May Lindstrom’s {The Jasmine Garden} stars witch hazel, antibacterial silver and two varieties of jasmine extract to soothe your skin and invigorate senses. Like fresh morning dew in a gorgeous black bottle, you can use this post-cleansing to promote skin clarity, as well as to help maintain moisture levels.

A reassuring blend of peppermint, fennel, fir needle and sweet birch, Moa’s {Fortifying Bath Potion} helps to relieve muscular tension and re-establish emotional equilibrium. With ten nature-derived ingredients, it’s the ultimate addition to your bath-time relaxation ritual.

With a wonderfully weird backstory, Hannes Dottir’s {Icelandic Mineral Wash} is super-natural. Inspired by an otherworldly ‘visit’ from the founder’s late grandfather, the recipe for these cool, cleansing crystals was a ‘gift’ from another, celestial realm. Harnessing the mineral-rich properties of Iceland’s native flora and fauna, this ultra-gentle powdered cleanser quickly gets skin glowing (and it looks pretty swish on your #shelfie).

Developed by creators of the world’s most highly-prized essential oils, Uma’s {Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner} showcases the pure, skin-perfecting prowess of botanical essences. Distilled from sandalwood and rose petals, this exquisite elixir soothes, brightens and plumps your complexion post-cleansing – infusing skin cells with a beautiful blend of pure oils and fruit extracts to restore its youthful vitality.

A pure blend of two, detoxifying clays (the green and white French varieties), MV Organic Skincare’s {Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask} is naturally rich in skin essential minerals – including calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese – to draw out impurities, soothe inflammation and regulate excessive oiliness.

With an ingredient list of one – calophyllum inophyllum or ‘tamanu’ oil – the {Volcanic Elixir} is essential for quelling unwelcome eruptions. Ideal for suppressing those imminent breakouts, this unadulterated oil has a unique and earthy perfume – testament to its pure potency – and works to tackle blemishes while combatting congestion. Great for inflamed, scarred or problem-prone skin, this great {Farsáli} offering is S.O.S. for complexions in crisis.

Starring solely pure silica, RMS Beauty’s {‘Un’ Powder} is as natural-looking as its name implies. Like a photographic filter for your face, this featherweight formula helps set your base and blur the visibility of imperfections to create an ethereal, non-chalky, ‘soft focus’ skin finish.

With clary sage suspended in a base of raw, organic and unrefined argan oil, SkinOwl’s {Beauty Drops Clary Sage} quickly replenish much-needed moisture whilst fortifying skin’s fabric and enhancing elasticity. Incredibly hydrating this elixir is phenomenally youth-boosting – perfect for diminishing signs of sun damage and restoring youthful luminosity.

A gorgeous, lightweight layer, skyn ICELAND’s {Arctic Facial Oil} is 99.9% pure Arctic camelina oil – brimming with essential fatty acids to help optimise skin function. Replenishing, rejuvenating and regenerative, this oil is rapidly absorbed and deeply penetrative – calming inflammation while protecting from the ageing impact of the elements.

And with only one ingredient, Dr. Jackson’s {Coconut Melt} is 100% pure coconut oil, to hydrate dry lips, repair cracked cuticles and even condition your eyelashes. Use to soothe scrapes and grazes, as well as to alleviate redness, calm signs of irritation (it’s amazing post-shaving) and nourish dry, brittle hair.


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Verity Douglas

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