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Have You Tried Draping? (Hint: It’s Blusher But Better)

If you’re yet to be convinced by contouring, why not use blusher to subtly chisel your cheekbones instead? Draping is a gentle way to achieve a more ‘3D’ look, by using natural blush tones to define the underside of the cheekbone and the ‘apples’ of the cheeks – sometimes using two complementary colours (one sculpt and one ‘pop’ shade) to emulate that enviable plump-cheeked, youthful look.

Not only does blusher lend skin a believable, pinched-your-cheeks flush, but it eliminates the risk of tell-tale, stripes of contour which can look a little… (dare we say) ‘try hard’ during the daylight hours – especially during the summer months. Originally developed by the make up artist Way Bandy in the ’70s and ’80s (he created some fierce beauty looks for the likes of Jerry Hall, Diana Ross and Cher), ‘draping’ has never really gone away – although now its employed in a more understated (and wearable) manner…

So, want to channel Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner (both of whom have lately embraced ‘draping’)? Use a fluffy fan brush (such as Zoeva’s Luxe Fan Brush}) and two tones of blush to exaggerate the natural ‘drape’ of your face in the most realistic way. You want a hazy, post-holiday glow – not an Insta-worthy ‘HD’ finish.

Charlotte Tilbury’s {Cheek to Chic} 2-in-1 blusher compact comes in six shade variations that range from pretty pinks to warm peach via golden bronze. Use Charlotte’s {Blusher Brush} to sweep around the edge of the palette and apply along and around the cheekbone in a ‘C’ shape, then use the middle shade to make the apples of the cheeks ‘pop’.

Or opt for NYX Professional Make Up’s {Ombre Blush}, which has a vibrant light-to-bright colour gradient, so you can apply the paler and darker hues in the same as way above – then blend them together for a gorgeous graduated glow (we’re fans of the ’80s-inspired coral n’ caramel ‘Feel the Heat’ shade).

Otherwise you can play around with different colours to see which effects you can create – ZOEVA’s {Nude Spectrum Blush Palette} contains a quartet of flattering hues for endless experimentation. Whether it’s full-on statement blush you’re after, or some delicate definition – ‘draping’ is definitely the way to go for Spring/Summer 2017.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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