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Why You Should Get Behind Give & Makeup

Give & Makeup was born out of an idea for a blog post: {Caroline Hirons} was planning a post about ‘essentials’, which prompted her to think about those who had nothing, which led to a page on the charity ‘Refuge’s’ website…

Caroline’s eyes locked onto the ‘Medicines and Toiletries’ section, and thinking of her cupboards brimming with unused bottles of product, she felt compelled to do something to help all those vulnerable women and children in desperate need.

{Give & Makeup} started that evening in 2010, and supports Refuge, Women’s Aid and the Warrior Women Project by supplying them with clothes, toiletries and toys for the women and children who’re suffering in the wake of domestic violence.

Whether you’re able to give a lot or a little, anything you can provide to support those whose lives have been turned upside down will be gratefully received.

For a full list of what is needed, please consult the {Give & Makeup) page of Caroline’s blog: clothing must be clean and in decent, wearable condition – think: ‘would I pass this along to my friend?’ before sending.

Obviously toiletries – everything from toothpaste and tampons to shampoo and lipstick – and also toys (books, colouring books, pencils, soft toys and dolls – but please, nothing violent, sexual or potentially upsetting) will be welcomed.

You can send your parcels directly to Give & Makeup:

Give and Makeup

PO BOX 855


W4 4AW

Or alternatively, you can take your parcels to your local shelter. There are additional details on Caroline’s website.

Thank you you so much for your support!

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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