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At Last! A Cure for Chicken Skin

Ameliorate Body Lotion

Consider this a (friendly) ‘Call to Arms‘ for all those who’re spending their summer in sleeves. If you, like so many women, are plagued by Keratosis Pilaris – not-so-affectionately known as ‘chicken skin’ – we have just the thing to liberate your limbs from layers.

Technologically advanced, {AMELIORATE} was born out of one woman’s quest to eliminate the lumps and bumps that made her feel self-conscious about arm-exposure. Most often affecting the upper arm area, KP is caused when keratin (a ‘building block’ of skin and hair) builds up and causes ‘plugs’ to form in follicles – resulting in the hard, white and red dots that an astonishing 40% of the population will be all-too familiar with.

For {AMELIORATE} founder Annette Luck, enough was enough and she set about developing a technologically advanced body treatment, to bid ‘bye bye’ to the bumps that covered her arms and ruined her confidence. An exfoliating, skin-smoothing {Body Lotion}, her pioneering marriage of alpha-hydroxyl therapy and natural active ingredients works to dissolve the ‘glue’ that binds follicle-clogging cells to skin’s surface, while naturally attracting moisture from the atmosphere, to leave arms (or legs, or thighs or bottoms) looking smooth and feeling supple.

A natural humectant and exfoliant, the key ingredient is lactic acid, which works alongside glycerin, milk protein complex and sodium lactate to enhance elasticity and leave ‘problem’ areas touchably soft. In trials, an incredible 80% of KP sufferers reported an improvement in skin texture within four weeks, while 90% said their skin felt more velveteen.

A firm favourite of top beauty bloggers and editors, this is not solely for Keratosis Pilaris sufferers – it’s a miraculous pre-exposure treatment for all those feeling daunted by the ‘big reveal’. Just slather over any rough or scaly areas to get legs, elbows (knees and toes) looking enviably advert-worthy.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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