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Is Gold Really Good For Your Complexion?

It’s probable you’ve noticed a slow but steady increase in the quantity of skin care products harnessing the beautifying benefits of precious metals and gemstones – from gold and silver to diamond and ruby, the beauty of these elements is far from purely superficial. We’ve demystified their powerful complexion correcting properties… (now insert all the Gollum gags).

{Gold (Au)}

Since alchemists first sought to transform lead into its infinitely more decorative counterpart, gold has held a certain mystical significance. Renowned for its inherent energising properties, when used topically, it grants skin an addictive luminosity and youthful ‘glow’.

A powerful anti-inflammatory (doctor’s have been known to inject their patients’ arthritic joints with colloidal gold – small golden particles suspended in a liquid formula) to lessen swelling and alleviate pain, while those who advocate a ‘golden facial’ are firm in their conviction that the metal helps to preserve the integrity of essential elastin and collagen. 

Omorovicza’s Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza uses colloidal gold, fermented in Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters in the brand’s supercharged, age-defying formulations. “The gold has an immediate effect, and because of its bioavailability (the rate at which a substance is absorbed by the body), it creates a reservoir in the skin that fights the breakdown of collagen,” she says of the {Gold Night Drops} – the price of which reflects the high value of its precious ingredient.

For {Julisis}, their signature ‘liquid gold essence’ is derived using the ancient principles of Paracelsus (a 15th Century philosopher, physician and toxicologist). Taking approximately 14 months to make, 22 carat gold is ‘fermented’ using a cocktail of acids, salts and minerals to distil its cell-energising essence. The resulting elixir is deeply penetrative – stimulating repair and renewal processes.

A bit like an ‘alarm clock’ for your complexion, the incredible {Gold Wash Day} is the perfect first step in your morning-time skin care routine – promoting turnover while maintaining the optimal pH for healthy, happy skin.


{Silver (Ar)}

Historically used to dress wounds, silver has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which is why it’s often used to decongest and detoxify, as well as to accelerate healing. Brilliant for acneic or blemish-prone complexions, there exists a swathe of cleansers, masks and treatments rich in silver, to prevent breakouts and help maintain a healthy, pimple-free complexion.

Our Affiliate Marketing Manager Chikay swears by the skin-healing benefits of Cor’s {Silver Soap} (you can read her rave review in full right {here}), while Julisis’s night-time formulations are rich in ‘liquid silver essence’ to encourage the elimination of impurities and toxins. The brand’s {Silver Remineralising Mask} is already a bestseller – drawing out impurities to keep your complexion clear and content.

Starring silver hydrosol (positively charged silver ions, suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water), Argentum Apothecary’s {La Potion Infinie} works to regulate skin’s natural flora and fauna, while neutralising ‘bad’ bacteria to promote skin’s resilience and maintain clarity. This treatment cream is truly miraculous – toning, tightening, hydrating, plumping and purifying with each application.


{Gemstones (Diamond, Ruby & Amethyst)}

Found in Julisis’s {Eyemulsion} and {Facial Oil Serum}, ground diamonds help to shield the potent particles within each formulation from the body’s defense mechanisms – maximising absorption and delivering anti-ageing actives directly to where they’re most needed. Similarly, in Omorovicza’s {Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel}, diamond peptides (small chains of amino acids grafted onto diamond fragments) ‘trick’ cells into believing they’ve been compromised, which kick-starts manufacture of collagen.

Goldfaden MD’s {Doctor’s Scrub} contains perfectly spherical ruby crystals to polish your complexion to perfection (without compromising its delicate fabric) – think real-life, at-home dermabrasion, without the cost or downtime.

And finally, Therapie’s {Himalayan Detox Salts} star powdered amethyst, to ‘absorb’ electromagnetic radiation, heal skin sensitivities and inspire a positive outlook (it’s apparently amazing for keeping nightmares at bay). These bath salts are phenomenal (they’ve been described as ‘natural Valium’) – perfect for easing you towards a deep, rehabilitative slumber.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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