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Find Your Perfect Lord & Berry Lipstick Formulation

The original ‘beauty atelier’, Italy’s {Lord & Berry} will inject your make up wardrobe with some Milanese sophistication. The pioneers of pencils, this extensive range stars long-wear, pigment-rich lip formulations – but which one’s right for you? Here’s a quick guide…

Very firmly back ‘en vogue’, {lip pencils} are the secret to a perfectly defined perimeter – keeping colour confined while disguising any ‘wonkiness’. Every woman needs at least one {Ultimate Lipliner} – whether in a neutral, your-lips-but-better colour, or to match your most-favourite lip shade – the creamy texture applies effortlessly, to prevent feathering and extend the longevity of your preferred stick, gloss or crayon. 

And now for the tricky bit… are you a matte or gloss girl? Traditional stick or convenient crayon? 

If you’ve a ‘scrawl it on and go’ make up mindset, you need the {20100} – available in two finishes, this chunky {lip pencil} is easy to wield and enriched with a cocktail of nourishing extracts to fake ‘I made an effort’ while protecting delicate skin. 

The {20100 Crayon} has a matte-matte long-wear finish, and comes in an array of flattering shades – from nearly-nude to deep berry. You can apply it painstakingly – lining and ‘filling in’ for maximum impact – but we think this looks gorgeous blurred with fingertips for a ‘just caught kissing’ stain.

And if matte is not your thing, this also comes in {20100 Shining} – same method, more gloss – to create the illusion of enhanced lip fullness while infusing skin with a cocktail of strengthening extracts. Think tinted lip balm with more pigment, for an intense veil of colour that looks beautifully ‘juicy’.

If you’re a traditionalist, there are two incredible {lipsticks} to cater to your lip-enhancing needs.

With incredible pigment-payoff, {Absolute Intensity} has a featherweight texture that’s ultra-comfortable to wear (no dryness or stickiness), while the pretty satin finish flatters all lip shapes and sizes. Like a second skin, it’s brimming with karite, macadamia, rice bran and antioxidant vitamin E to deliver consistent moisture and protection, while the spectrum of shades spans pale pinks to rich reds via rose, mauve and russet.

And for those who like a side-helping of drama with their daily make up menu, {Vogue Lipstick} is velvety and vibrant. Not one for shrinking violets, this ‘look at me’ {lipstick} takes inspiration from the every-changing face of fashion, with colours that perfectly pin-point a ‘look’ or era. We’re talking {’60s’ Pink} – a mod-worthy Barbie – and {Black Red} – a flapper-esque oxblood. Apply straight from the bullet, or using a brush for the most arresting effect.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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