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Top Skin Care Tips For Women In Their 40s

Top Skin Care Tips for Women in their 40s

There’s no denying that once you hit your forties, the sins of your twenties start staking their claim to your visage; sun damage in particular, manifests itself as dark spots and creases, while decreased hydration levels contribute to crows feet, loss of tone and decreased ‘volume’. But we don’t mean to doom-monger, which is why we’ve put together these solutions…

{Introduce a gadget} to your daily skin care ritual. Foreo’s {LUNA} uses sonic pulses to not only eliminate every. last. speck of make up and grime, but also stimulate circulation – feeding cells so they ‘work’ harder, and leave your face looking plumped-up and glowing. The {Sensitive}, {Normal} and {Oily/Combination} models also have ‘anti-ageing’ sides and settings, which propel product (serum, moisturiser, night cream) deeper into skin to maximise your treatment’s efficacy, whilst gradually lessening the depth of expression lines such as tell-tale ‘elevens’ and other unwelcome furrows.

{Up the retinol} – retinol in all its forms – vitamin A, retinoic acid, retinoid and Verso’s signature ‘retinol 8 complex’, all work wonders when it comes to waging war on the multitudinous signs of skin ageing. Brightening, firming, plumping, smoothing and resurfacing, you can learn more about the way it works right {here}, but trust us when we say your skin will thank you. Verso’s {Super Eye Serum} makes mincemeat of crêpiness, creases and dark circles, while their {Dark Spot Fix} does exactly as its name implies; brightening sun spots to restore uniformity to your complexion. And on that note…

{Combat sun damage} – both by erasing all existing blots on your flawlessness, and preventing new ones from developing. Sunday Riley’s {Bionic Anti-Ageing Cream} fights and reverses premature UV ageing with a cocktail of active botanicals. Oskia’s {Renaissance Brightlight} harnesses the resurfacing properties of fruit enzymes and ‘Nanobright’ (a cocktail of vitamin C, Swiss garden cress and sulphur-derived MSM) to brighten brown patches, and DNA Renewal’s {Sheer Defense} is a complete sun block that’s brimming with DNA Repair Enzymes to accelerate repair, while the inclusion of a hint of tint works to disguise sun-speckles.

{Add in antioxidants} – to ward against the ravages wrought by everyday exposure to the elemental onslaught; pollutants wreak havoc with cell health and efficacy, so choose a serum brimming with free radical-fighting ingredients (vitamins C and E, green tea, gingko biloba, to name a few), and wear religiously beneath your daily SPF moisturiser, to strengthen skin’s natural defences and keep the ‘good stuff’ in and ‘bad stuff’ out. Zelens’ supercharged {Intense Defense Antioxidant Serum} neutralises all three (who knew??) types of free radical, to maintain cell integrity and prevent irreversible DNA damage. It’s ultra lightweight and non-greasy – an invisible ‘force field’ for your face.

{Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate} because moisture levels start to deplete as you grow older. Make facial oil your new best friend, and slather your skin with the stuff. If you’re phobic (or breakout-prone), just add a couple of drops to your moisturiser; Vintner’s Daughter’s {Active Botanical Serum} and May Lindstrom’s {Youth Dew} are both exquisite, and their scents are emotionally uplifting.

{Prep your canvas} to minimise cracks and create a lustrous finish. Anything too glitzy will amplify indentations, but a subtle ‘glow’ looks incredibly youth-boosting. Charlotte Tilbury’s {Wonderglow} instantly counteracts dullness, whilst infusing your skin with a potent blend of peptides. Just finish with a dab of dewy {blusher} – applied where you naturally flush – then dab {Dew Balm} along cheekbones for immediate ‘lit-from-within’.

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