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Find Out Why We’re Devoted To Sonya Dakar

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial Review

We’re completely besotted with Sonya Dakar’s phenomenal, natural skin care solutions – and not just because the brains behind the brand is such a brilliant, inspiring individual (more on that another time). In fact, it’s the rapid results that have left us open-mouthed – gawping in the mirror whilst we scrutinise our skin in wide-eyed wonderment, pondering what happened to our pores (where’d they go?).

However, if you’re looking for the perfect place to start, it’s the {Flash Facial} and {Organic Omega Booster} that first stole our hearts (and pores…). A long-time ‘Dakar Devotee’, Stacia – our International Buying Director – has raved for ever* about the jaw-dropping, resurfacing abilities of Sonya’s {Flash Facial}. “This looks innocent enough – a clear, fairly thick gel – but it’s guilty of serious efficacy. Tingly upon application, just wait for a minute (or two if you’re patient) before removing to reveal ‘new’ skin; glowy, fresh and astoundingly smooth – any roughness has literally vanished. It’s genie-us in a bottle!”

And if that glowing quote isn’t enough to convince you, five out of seven CB marketing team members snapped this up on payday – having tried it on their hands. We had one office pet bottle which we passed around, squealing with delight whilst watching dirt and dead cells ‘pill’ along with product. Appalled at realising our skin was actually approximately three shades lighter under all that London grime (grim), we couldn’t wait to get it on our faces.

Two weeks later, we’re smitten. It gives you all that ‘first love’ luminosity, without the heartache. Just 60 seconds each morning will transform your visage – especially when followed with the original face oil…

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial Review

The {Organic Omega Booster} was the ‘gateway’ product to Cult Beauty Co-Founder Alexia’s (self-professed) Dakar addiction. Having pioneered the use of oils in skin care in the ’80s – when everyone believed that oil was evil – this incredible blend of omega-rich extracts triggered a seismic shift in attitudes to beauty. “As soon as I tried this omega-packed powerhouse, I realised I would have to snap up everything else in the range” says Alexia. “It leaves my dehydrated, winter-ravaged skin feeling plumped and balanced within half an hour of applying – it’s a stand alone cult classic”.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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