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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Brush Cleaning

The Lazy Girls' Guide To Make Up Brush Cleaning

Everyone hates brush cleaning. That’s a fact. Just like it’s a solid gold fact that Eva Mendes is the world’s most fortunate woman (brains, beauty and Ryan Gosling). Alas, we can’t do anything about not being Eva (unless you’re reading this Eva, in which case, *applause*) but we can – and will! – make brush cleaning a breeze (you’re welcome).

Equip yourself with Sigma’s {Spa Express Bush Cleaning Mat} (or {glove} if you prefer a more ‘hands on’ approach/are a wannabe ventriloquist). Both iterations are weird, bright pink silicone-y surfaces that feature seven different ‘textures’ to get grime out of brush ‘roots’ – you know, all that gunk that gets embedded at the bottom of the bristles – without working yourself into a lather.

Quite possibly the last thing on your beauty shopping list, we promise this will revolutionise an otherwise mundane, and eagerly-avoided ritual. Just swirl your dampened brushes in a bit of cleaning fluid – Beautyblender’s {Pure Solid Cleanser} is super-quick and convenient – or apply a quick spritz of the Pro Hygiene Collection’s {Make Up Brush Cleaner} directly to the chosen ‘cleaning zone’, and swish your bristles ’round and ’round until the muck comes out.

Both mat and glove have ‘washing’, ‘rinsing’ and ‘refining’ sections for eye and face brushes – and the beauty is that you can do several brushes simultaneously. We all have so many brushes… and so little time, which is why we guarantee that this ‘gizmo’ is not a ‘gimmick’ – it’s a life-saver for busy girls and lazy ladies (I’m the latter).

Re-shape the bristles while damp, and lay the brushes out to dry – preferably with the brush head pointing down, so water doesn’t drip into the ferrule and dissolve the glue.

Still unconvinced about its brilliance? Watch this vid…



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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