Celebrity Beauty Favourites

Beauty Favourites of Iconic Beauties

Mesmerising in her acting roles, Audrey Hepburn’s grace continues to fuel our collective imagination. Pioneering a new breed of beauty – the elfin aeshetic so contrary to her blonde-haired, curvaceous contemporaries – Audrey’s elegance was effortless and timeless. But not all of her beauty was down to good genes – as she once famously quipped; “50% of my beauty I owe to my mother, 50% to Erno Laszlo”. The three step Erno Laszlo {Cleansing Ritual} stars his signature {Black Soap}, to set you firmly on the path towards the legendary ‘Laszlo glow’.


Reigniting our latent girl power, Beyoncé manages to juggle world-domination, die-hard feminism, unparalleled musical prowess and hands-on motherhood – without ever missing a beat. Seemingly unstoppable, we suspect she’s stolen Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger’s time-turner… But if you’re wondering how she manages to look so luminous (despite having squeezed every second from each day), look no further than GLAMGLOW’s {YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment} – a mineral-rich clay mask-meets-scrub that purifies, tones, refines and tightens skin in minutes.


Emma Waston rocketed straight to the top of our girl crush-list when she spoke up for gender equality with an impassioned address to the UN – urging men to back the ‘HeForShe’ campaign. Bright, inspiring and naturally flawless, she entrusts her porcelain complexion to {MV Organic Skincare} – “it smells incredible and is not packed with hundreds of nasty chemicals.” Their gorgeous {Pure Jojoba} oil was spotted in her make up bag… unequivocal proof that ‘though magic works wonders, MV works much better.


Muse to Serge Gainsbourg (and Hermes), Jane Birkin’s beguiling insouciance was the inspiration for Bella Freud’s {Je t’aime Jane Eau de Parfum} – a laid back yet sophisticated scent that’s perfect for bringing an understated elegance to your (boyfriend’s) favourite white shirt. Described by Bella as the scent for ‘a free spirit with a guitar, a baby and long bare legs’, this perfume is fun yet grown up – a complex, exotic bouquet of jasmine, ylang ylang and orange blossom with a sultry base of black oud and powder-musk. Je t’aime…


Ever since women flocked in their hordes to hair salons worldwide, demanding ‘The Rachel’, Jennifer Aniston’s lustrous locks have spawned a never-ending stream of imitators. Co-Founder, face (and hair!) of {Living Proof}, Jen attributes her enviable mane to the expert collection of {thickening}, {replenishing} and {frizz-fighting} formulas – and relies on the brand’s {Instant Texture Mist} to ensure that she’s consistently voted ‘Best Tressed’.


One of the last century’s most esteemed actors, and breathtakingly beautiful women, Lubin’s {Gin Fizz} fragrance was created to commemorate Grace Kelly’s string of consecutive ‘Best Actress’ awards. An effervescent perfume – sparkling with citrusy top notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon and mandarin and a feminine, floral heart of iris, rose absolute and Turkish jasmine – this chic glass flacon and subtle yet lingering perfume represent the princess perfectly.


Seemingly ageless, Juliette Binoche exudes charm, intelligence and effortless ‘je ne sais quoi’. Ever understated, her natural flawlessness is in part owed to Su-Man Hsu – the super-facialist entrusted with the care of her luminous, unbelievably youthful complexion. The {Velvet Skin Brightening Serum} is amongst her must-haves – spend time working product into skin with Su-Man’s step-by-step guide to the ultimate, at home {facial workout}.


Still right on top of the modelling game, Cindy Crawford led the ‘supermodel’ charge – and looks as stunning (if not more so) now, than she did when she first stormed that Versace catwalk with her fellow ‘supers’ in the 90s. Keeping things firmly in the modelista family, her skin care is cooked up by ‘skin chef’ May Lindstrom – {The Youth Dew} is a beautiful, golden elixir that maintains her skin’s strength, elasticity and lustre (and it smells like heaven).


Mother of millions seven, UN goodwill ambassador, actor-turned-director as well as one of the sexiest women to have set foot on this planet, Angelina Jolie exudes inimitable cool. With that bone structure and porcelain complexion she requires next-to-nothing in the way of make up help, but {3 Custom Color} create bespoke cosmetics for the starlet, and their {Nude Attitude} lipstick has been lucky enough to grace that famously pillowy pout.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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