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Understanding ‘Skin Expression’

Renowned for elaborate, gazillion-step skin care {routines}, Korean women’s quest for flawless doesn’t end with ‘essence’. Make up application is an opportunity to get creative – and rather than relying on their base to work a miracle, these women invest effort into making products work for them – blending, pipetting and concocting to achieve the ‘perfect’ canvas.

Korean Beauty Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is key – not shiny/greasy, but healthy/luminous – which means layering, spritzing and buffing. The secret is to attract – and retain – as much moisture as possible, so skin appears lit-from-within. If you’re prone to shine choose lighter-weight hydrators – but remember; even oily skin types still need water (more on that right {here})!

Post cleansing, mist your face liberally while skin is still damp. Alpha-H’s {Instant Facial} resurfaces, balances and maintains moisture levels thanks to hyaluronic acid. It tingles upon application (while the glycolic works its magic) but leaves your face feeling phenomenally plump for hours (and hours and hours).

{Now for the science bit…} it’s all about creating the bespoke base. I’m still in testing stages, but my current ‘recipe’ consists of 2pts Jouer {Matte Moisture Tint} to 1pt Aurelia Probiotic Skincare {Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser} – with an extra drop or two of African Botanics {Neroli Infused Marula Oil} to get things nice and runny. You may need more oil, more base, a creamy foundation or bit of added luminiser. You might want to use a {Beauty Balm} or {CC Cream} – or even add a cheeky bit of Perricone’s {No Bronzer Bronzer}? Raid your reject archives (we know you’ve got ’em) and resurrect the ‘nearly theres’, the ‘not quites’ and the ‘could do betters’.

Apply your mixture onto skin with fingertips, then buff (buff, buff) using a dampened {Beautyblender} or a {Foundation Brush}. This gives a super-sheer but youthful veil of coverage, that can be layered without ‘clumping’ or settling into creases. Mattify your t-zone (if you want-or-need) with an ultra-light dusting of {Translucent Powder}, and disguise remaining imperfections with the merest whisper of concealer. And Bob’s your uncle (in Korean, #obvs).


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