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5 Things To Make You Look Fabulous, Fast

VERSO Reviving Eye Mask

If it’s been one of those weeks and your under-eye bags are more ‘suitcase’ than YSL clutch, reach for VERSO’s incredible hydrogel {Reviving Eye Mask} – patches infused with high levels of supercharged Retinol 8 and line-lessening hyaluronic acid, to counteract crow’s feet and tighten things up within just 20 minutes. Whack them on whilst your life fuel (read: coffee) is brewing.

If it’s a pimple that’s a-brewin’ (quakes), you need Sonya Dakar’s fast-acting {Blemish Buster} – an on-the-spot treatment that’s brimming with zit-zapping lavender, camphor and colloidal silver ions, to quickly quash any unwelcome eruptions. Salicylic acid works to clarify pores and exfoliate gently – just dab on clean skin and allow a few seconds to dry before bed. You’ll wake up clear-skinned (and incredibly smug).

If your morning-time ritual involves hitting the snooze button 24 times before panic-preparing for work in ten minutes, Blithe’s clever {Splash Masks} are just what the lazy girl ordered. These innovative, in-shower masks are enriched with soothing, firming, or revitalising extracts – just splash and pat repeatedly while you will yourself into ‘awake-ness’. The ultimate, ultra-easy way, to kick-start each day looking luminous.

And, if it’s too late for preventative measures, you’re going to need a good concealer… W3ll PEOPLE’s {Bio Correct} formula is chock-full of good-for-skin extracts – including pomegranate, coffee and line-smoothing peptides – to correct as it camouflages. With a featherweight, full-coverage formula, simply press onto pimples, blend under the eyes or apply with a brush to disguise discolouration. It’s a definitive handbag must-have…

Looking a bit peely-wally? Reach for blusher – few things grant such an immediate semblance of ‘youth’ and wellbeing. Pixi’s split-pan {Beauty Blush Duo} comes complete with fluffy brush for flawless application. The dusky rose colour is pinched-your-cheeks perfect, while the subtle, gold-toned highlight creates an enviable, soft focus glow. A further dab of highlight on your brow bone, Cupid’s bow and at the inner corner of each eye will finish things off beautifully.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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