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DNA Renewal DNA Repair Enzymes

Pioneering US dermatologist and photo-damage specialist, Dr. Moy harnesses the anti-ageing properties of the latest DNA Repair Enzymes and Growth Factor technology to ‘undo’ the past and protect the future of your skin. We caught up with him about his phenomenal, age-defying range:

{Cult Beauty} The importance of sunscreen has long been drilled into us – but your research has revealed that SPF is not enough to prevent cancer. Which other steps should we be taking to protect ourselves?

{Dr. Moy} First off, it’s important to remember that SPF is only a measurement of protection against UVB rays which cause redness, not a measure of UVA rays which penetrate through clouds and are the ones that ultimately lead to cancer. Making sure that all of your sunscreens are labelled ‘broad spectrum’ to shield skin from both types of rays is the first step to protecting yourself.

Plus, recent {scientific studies} have shown that DNA damage to the skin continues for up to three hours out of the sun – which is why repairing your skin is just as important as protecting it – and research has revealed that the best way of doing this is through topical application of DNA Repair Enzymes.

{CB} Focused on skin health – not beauty – your range harnesses the reparative properties of DNA Renewal Enzymes. Can you clarify (in layman’s terms) what these are and how they work?

{DM} DNA Repair Enzymes are the essential building blocks of skin and occur naturally in everyone. However studies show that levels of these enzymes drops significantly at around the age of 30, meaning that the skin repairs itself at a much slower rate. By replenishing these DNA enzymes, the skin regains its ability to work efficiently against signs of ageing and sun damage.

The way that DNA Repair Enzymes work is by seeking out damaged DNA and acting like a seamstress, cutting out the damage and patching the holes with undamaged DNA. DNA Repair Enzymes are typically engineered from marine and botanical sources like plankton and then encapsulated in liposome to assist penetration of the skin, delivering the enzymes deep enough to work their age-reversing magic.


DNA Renewal Growth Factor

{CB} And Growth Factor? It sounds scarily futuristic – can you explain what this means, and why it’s so skin-beneficial?

{DM} Growth Factors are another key component of the skin cell matrix. They are a polypetptide (a molecular chain of amino acids) that work to speed up wound recovery by stimulating skin growth at a cellular level, and can also increase collagen production. EGF was initially developed because of its powerful healing properties, but since then scientists have realised its incredible aesthetic benefits.

The Growth Factor in our {Regeneration Serum} is derived from barley seeds, so it’s the purest form that is possibly available. What we’ve done is adopted these healing agents that Growth Factor is known for, and tailored it for anti-aging benefits, specifically since it heals skin by stimulating cell growth it also works to minimise wrinkles and even out discolouration and uneven pigmentation.

{CB} Is it really possible to reverse existing cellular damage?

{DM} While it’s hard to say if cellular damage can ever be fully reversed, it is definitely possible to ‘undo’ existing cellular damage by repairing damaged DNA enzymes with applications of DNA Repair Enzymes.

{CB} Who was the range first developed for? Is DNA Renewal best-suited to a particular skin type or age range?

{DM} I first developed the range after I realised that there wasn’t a DNA Repair Enzyme cream on the market for my patients prone to skin cancer. The one that I had been recommending for my patients was off the market and I was extremely disappointed that something as important as that should be unavailable to my patients and everyone else who was in need of DNA Repair Enzymes.

{DNA Renewal} is suitable for anyone who is exposed to intense sunlight, has a family history of skin cancers, anyone who has had sun burns or whose skin is sunburned and peeling, or anyone with concerns about visible sun damage such as brown spots and wrinkles. The line is fully comprehensive for all skin concerns and skin types since sun damage and ageing are (unfortunately) some universal truths.

{CB} For those who’re curious – but perhaps unsure about where to begin – which entry-level product would you recommend? Is there one thing guaranteed to get somebody hooked on ‘Dr. Moy’?

{DM} One of our most popular products is the {DNA Intensive Renewal}; it contains the highest levels of DNA enzymes in our entire line and is a lightweight moisturiser that is great for all skin types, all year round. Since it does have such high levels of DNA Repair Enzymes, it is great for anyone who has just general sun damage concerns or anti-aging concerns.

While the other products are a little more skin specific (the {Eye Renewal} combats fine lines, the {Night Renewal} is best for dry skin, the {Regeneration Serum} targets more aesthetic concerns), the Intensive Renewal is a great starting point for someone who is unsure about their skin type or specific concerns but knows that they want to repair sun damage and generally improve their skin health.


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