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Trend on Trial: Simple Two-minute Strobing

It’s the beauty trend everyone and their grandmother is talking about. Strobing – the less-scary version of {contouring} – is the latest make up craze and, we can totally understand why. As demonstrated by our beautiful Digital Marketing Exec, Chikay, with a little bit of ‘light’ you can make it through the… summer? (to reference the immortal words of DJ Luck & MC Neat).

Chikay used Laura Geller’s gorgeous {Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator} in shade ‘Gilded Honey’ to ‘lift’ her (already glowing) complexion. A light dusting of {highlighter} applied in a ‘C’ along the brow bones and the cheekbones makes your skin look enviably lit-from-within, while a subtle ‘stripe’ down the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and chin helps to streamline your face and create a more ‘3D’ effect, without the risks that accompany sculpting with darker, contouring colours (5 o’ clock shadow anyone?).

As you can see, Chikay used a fan {brush} to apply the buttery {powder}, but you can use your fingertips to diffuse crème or powder products. W3LL PEOPLE’s {Bio Brightener Stick} is a beautiful, silvery cream that complements fair, cool-toned complexions perfectly, while Laura Geller’s {Gelato} in shade ‘Ballerina’ is a gorgeous, rose gold that flatters paler faces. 

Or try Studio 10’s {Plumping Blush Glow-Plexion} – an illuminating blush, that can be applied solely to the highest part of your cheeks or all over clean skin as a primer, to lend warmth to sallow skins (perfect as your post-holiday tan starts to fade).



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…