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Trend on Trial: Simple Two-minute Strobing

It’s the beauty trend everyone and their grandmother is talking about. Strobing – the less-scary version of {contouring} – is the latest make up craze and, we can totally understand why. As demonstrated by our beautiful Digital Marketing Exec, Chikay, with a little bit of ‘light’ you can make it through the… summer? (to reference the immortal words of DJ Luck & MC Neat).

Chikay used Laura Geller’s gorgeous {Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator} in shade ‘Gilded Honey’ to ‘lift’ her (already glowing) complexion. A light dusting of {highlighter} applied in a ‘C’ along the brow bones and the cheekbones makes your skin look enviably lit-from-within, while a subtle ‘stripe’ down the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and chin helps to streamline your face and create a more ‘3D’ effect, without the risks that accompany sculpting with darker, contouring colours (5 o’ clock shadow anyone?).

As you can see, Chikay used a fan {brush} to apply the buttery {powder}, but you can use your fingertips to diffuse crème or powder products. W3LL PEOPLE’s {Bio Brightener Stick} is a beautiful, silvery cream that complements fair, cool-toned complexions perfectly, while Laura Geller’s {Gelato} in shade ‘Ballerina’ is a gorgeous, rose gold that flatters paler faces. 

Or try Studio 10’s {Plumping Blush Glow-Plexion} – an illuminating blush, that can be applied solely to the highest part of your cheeks or all over clean skin as a primer, to lend warmth to sallow skins (perfect as your post-holiday tan starts to fade).



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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