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Bid ‘Bye Bye’ to Acne in Less Than Two Months

Following the sell-out success of (and continued demand for) Annie Tevelin’s incredible capsule collection of all-natural skin correctors, we’ve extended our {SkinOwl} offering to include her trinity of gorgeous daily face oils; {Beauty Drops Lavender}, {Geranium} and {Clary Sage} are concentrated blends of the finest, organic oils blended with raw, unrefined argan extract to target your specific skin concerns.

A chronic acne sufferer, Annie had tried virtually everything on her quest to battle her breakouts and blemishes. Having spent fortunes on high end skin care that proved pointless, her frustration drove her to entrust her face’s fortunes to her own (very capable) hands. A qualified make up artist, she enrolled in a cosmetic chemistry course and it was there – having gained an understanding of the ingredients buried within misleading product labelling – that she decided to totally strip-back her own skin care regimen.

Renowned for its calming, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Annie turned to lavender – marrying the finest, organic french lavender with argan oil, in a bid to clarify and decongest her mixed up, hyper-sensitive complexion. The results were astonishing – far beyond anything Annie had dared to hope for – within just two months of consistent use, her acne was virtually GONE. Those painful, under-the-skin blemishes had been vanquished, and residual redness – and even scarring – had dramatically improved.

Ideal for all oily/combination, sensitive and congested complexions, as well as those susceptible to redness, {Beauty Drops Lavender} soothe signs of irritation and reduce surface oil by as much as 50%. Annie understands that it seems counter-intuitive to combat oil with oil but, by ‘tricking’ your skin into thinking it’s greasy enough (in a good way!), oil can actually help to regulate sebum synthesis and re-establish equilibrium.

There are two other ‘day’ oils in the range (although all oils can be used both morning and evening). {Geranium} is hydrating and radiance-boosting – ideal for dry, dehydrated complexions while {Clary Sage} is suitable for more mature skin showing signs of fatigue. You can watch Annie talk about these oils in depth via our YouTube channel – just click {here}.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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