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May Favourites

I’ve may-de some a-may-zing discoveries this month… (see, SEE what I did there *grabs pun klaxon*) – not least, discovering just-the-right-sized cactus for my empty {Lion Candle} *smug*

Sunday Riley is quite possibly the prettiest, most ‘gram-worthy skin care range out there, and few things tickle my fancy like their gorgeous facial oils. {Artemis} smells a bit… peculiar (!?), but its complexion-balancing capabilities far outweigh its whiff (which is a bit like lemons in a barnyard). You only need a smidge, warmed between fingertips and pressed into still-damp, just-cleansed skin to get a gorgeous dewy glow. DO NOT let the scent deter you – this works wonders for mixed up complexions.

Because I’m all about the glow, Pixi’s orange {Tonic} was a must-own; it’s brilliantly brightening – gently sloughing the scurf that builds-up on city skin to reveal a smooth, more light-reflective surface. This smells incred – zingy and fresh and slightly floral, which is perfect for shoving morning skin (and senses) into wakefulness.

I really really really heart {Aurelia Probiotic Skincare} and thank the actual skin care GODS that {Refine & Polish} is a thing that exists. After Jen {waxed lyrical} about its mad skillz, I waited approximately ten seconds before buying this eucalyptus-y exfoliating, balmy goodness. It’s a thick beady paste which mechanically exfoliates (with no skin stress), then transforms when massaged into an oil cleanser, to effortlessly eliminate make up and grime without stripping the skin.

I’m in the middle of a BECCA love-in. The {BECCA shimmering Skin Perfector (mine is ‘Moonstone’), mixed with a dot of {Matte Moisture Tint} creates the most perfect summer-weight illuminating base. Not too matte but not too dewy… in fact, juuuuuuust right. It’s all a bit soft focus and ethereal, which is right up my street.

Although perhaps a little contradictory, I’m also really fond of the translucent {Blotting Powder}, dusted lightly down my t-zone to keep ‘shine’ confined to where I want it. This is so finely milled there’s no chalkiness – just a veil of oil-absorbing greatness which scores loads of highly-prized *dancing girls* emojis.

Aaaand I’ve already reviewed this peach-toned, dark circle-obliterator but {BECCA}’s {Under Eye Brightening Corrector} is the bomb dot com. Since discovering Suits (or, more accurately, since clapping greedy eyes on Harvey Specter and binge-watching television until past my bedtime), this pearlescent camouflage has been disguising tell tale signs of late night oogling.

It’s nearly summer – surely, sort of… PLEASE… which means the time to hesitate is through. I’ve been buffing my body into something resembling acceptable with Mio’s {The Body Brush} – it’s über-ergonomic, the boar bristles are soft but, bristly and the funny rubber thimble-things are great for waging war on cellulite – encouraging lymph drainage for a smoother derriere.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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