Meet The Founder

I Had Skin I Was Ashamed Of’ – Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl

Meet the Founder - Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl

When the SkinOwl swung by CB Towers to talk us through her stunning range of skin care, we were all enraptured – not just in awe of her beauty, but inspired by her wisdom and enthusiasm. Honest and engaging, Annie shared the story of how {SkinOwl} came into being – having suffered with severe acne, and failed to find a cure – she decided to take matters into her own hands. She enrolled in a post-graduate cosmetic chemistry course at UCLA, and learned about the pros, cons and potentially harmful effects of the ingredients and formulations she had placed her faith in – and so she decided to go back to basics.

“I had skin I was ashamed of” said Annie. “As a professional make up artist, I was fortunate that I had the skills to conceal every blemish, but the process was painstaking and high-maintenance, and I was so unhappy and frustrated in my own skin. I was obsessed with my complexion and {SkinOwl} is very definitely the product of my own issues.

“After completing my UCLA programme, I was like a mad scientist in my kitchen – concocting potential solutions – with astonishing results. I knew my skin issues weren’t unique, so I set up a private Facebook group – a sort of question and answer-session for friends and fellow acne sufferers – offering advice via my alter ego, SkinOwl. My following grew rapidly, and soon my audience was campaigning for a range of products they could use themselves… and that’s when things really took off.”

Firm in her belief that purity and simplicity are most important for skin’s equilibrium, Annie created a capsule collection of targeted treatments. A stunning {Body Oil}, refreshing {Eye +} treatment and {Mangosteen Beauty Drops} – which harness the phenomenal cell-oxygenating properties of a little-known Vietnamese fruit – flooding cells with anti-inflammatory oxygen to slow the ageing process, while antimicrobial baobab helps to quell blemish-causing bacteria and re-establish equilibrium. Watch the video below to learn much more about the properties and benefits of mangosteen, from the beautiful SkinOwn herself…

Already a Cult Beauty staff favourite (we’re doing it at our desks), SkinOwl’s {Eye +} is a cooling, firming and awakening cocktail of cucumber extract and aloe, alongside brightening liquorice and periwinkle – to de-puff, de-crease and make tired eyes ‘look alive’ in an instant – and it’s all completely natural, which makes it perfect for the delicate eye area where skin is thinner (and blood vessels are closer to the surface)…

We urge you to dip your toe into this incredible collection. We’re so impressed by Annie, her (now) flawless complexion and her phenomenal, performance-driven edit of natural and organic beauty solutions. But don’t just take our word for it.


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Verity Douglas

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