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Studio 10 Anti-ageing Make Up

Studio 10 Before & After with Alexia Inge

I’ve found a new make up love and it’s called {Studio 10}. Since turning 35 a year ago my skin has changed – the invincible 20s and all of those ‘sod it’ moments – smoking, in the sun, in last night’s make up, too much existential frowning…tsk – have finally caught up with me. It’s harder to find make up that sits well on my skin – that doesn’t flake and become mini wrinkle worms by 5pm.

{Studio 10} is designed to complement the needs of older skin. There are hardly any powders in the range and those that are, are moisturising – the formulas are full of firming, antioxidising and nourishing ingredients – and the colour ranges are soft (no black) and flattering with no glitter, just enviable luminescence.

It’s also rather clever, adapting pro quick fixes for a layperson’s (nominal) skill set. The palettes are really easy to apply with fingertips, or one of the brilliant {double-ended brushes} in the range. I also love the fact that the palettes are weighted – the product you’ll use the most of are contained in slightly larger pans, so the whole palette runs out at the same time. Inspired!

My favourite product? The {Visible Lift Face Definer}. Being a mostly pale blue-shade-of-white, I have always looked askance at contouring palettes, concerned that might make me look like an Oliver Twist extra. Well, you can be the judge of the above before and after pic but I think I did reasonably well – the blusher is one of the most flattering shades I’ve ever tried. The trick is, “Can I have less please, sir?”


My second favourite product is the {Age Defy Skin Perfector}. As you can see from the below before and after, it balances out the dark circles and red blotches without making it look like you are wearing make up. The character of your complexion is unadulterated – just enhanced – so you look like you, but better.

I’m also wearing their {Age Reverse Perfecting Lipliner} – currently FREE with a £30 spend on Studio 10* – which comes in just one natural, dusky rose colour to lend subtle definition, and on my eyes I’ve used the {I-lift Longwear Liner}; utterly buttery in texture, it sets in 30 seconds and doesn’t budge at all. It’s double-ended with an eye-brightening flesh colour at one end, to line the lower, inner eyelid (the waterline) and help make you look more awake.

Studio 10 Before & After Close Up

Studio 10 also do at-home masterclasses so you can learn how to get the most from their products.For more information click {here}.


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Verity Douglas

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