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Simple Human Sensor mirror

From the moment we launched the Sensor Mirrors they’ve flown off the shelves; even the founders of {simplehuman} were caught off guard with the demand, struggling to keep us in stock. I’ve been waiting patiently for the fever to die down, but it simply hasn’t, so with a bit of insider knowledge I bought one the minute it arrived at the warehouse this morning.

The designer of my flat had a similar interiors taste to Dracula and fashioned it with about as much natural light as Vegas and this has led to some terrible make up mistakes, culminating in me recently leaving the flat with just one eye done (yes, I am blaming the light!).

This mirror not only provides you with a ring of ‘natural’ light around the outside, it turns itself on when you approach so you don’t have to do anything as outdated as flick a switch. Plus it’s cordless so you can put it anywhere (it’s charged by USB). The larger mirrors are x5 magnification and the mini is x10 so you literally won’t have a hair out of place. I did laugh when reading the first review of this product where the lady was complaining that purchasing this mirror had led to her having to make a swift second order on Cult Beauty of some tweezers. In case you were wondering, you can find the best pluck in the world {here}.

The mirrors come in four sizes: the {Sensor Mirror 8} (I bought this one, see picture above), the {Wall Mount Sensor Mirror 8} which are both £149.99, the {Sensor Mirror 6.5″} for £119.99 and the {Mini Sensor Mirror 5} that’s £99.99.

You know when you find a product and it’s just right? Now where was I… Mirror, Mirror off the Wall…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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