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Cult Beauty’s ‘Best of 2014’

As another remarkable year draws to a close, we reflect on the skin care stalwarts that have totally transformed our complexions, and made the last 365 days so much brighter.

Launched last January, Foreo’s {LUNA} has generated shockwaves of excitement amongst beauty editors, thanks to its revolutionary approach to sonic cleansing. Like a ‘toothbrush for your face’, the must-have gadget eliminates embedded make up, dirt and pore-clogging oils, whilst stimulating circulation to leave your face feeling smooth and looking luminous.

Ever since India Knight granted {Good Genes} her seal of approval, it’s been a consistent Cult Beauty bestseller – and with very good reason. The cocktail of brightening, tightening and resurfacing botanical extracts leaves even dulled complexions looking like new.

{Liquid Gold} needs no introduction. An overnight treatment with glycolic acid, this works wonders for lifeless, scarred, lined or blemish-prone skin – penetrating deep within pores to dissolve blockages and stimulate collagen synthesis, whilst lowering skin’s pH so it works hard to re-establish equilibrium.

The only {Night Cream} you may ever need, Cult 51 ‘does-everything’ and then some. Find out why you need it {here}

If something’s good enough for skin care guru Caroline Hirons, it’s definitely good enough for us. Not only does May Lindstrom’s {The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm} look exquisite, but it harnesses the anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory and emotionally equalising properties of blue tansy, to soothe irritation and quickly reduce sensitivity.

I’m a devout worshipper of Oskia’s {Renaissance Cleansing Gel} – you can read my rave review in full right {here}.

The ultimate first-phase cleanser, Emma Hardie’s {Moringa Cleansing Balm} makes make up removal an end-of-day treat to look forward to. Velvety and heavenly-scented, there’s a reason it’s won countless prestigious industry accolades from the likes of Tatler, Stylist and the Beauty Bible…

Same goes for VERSO’s {Super Eye Serum} – the retinol-rich anti-wrinkle treatment that has helped to counteract my ever-worsening circles and crows feet.

Closely resembling skin’s own sebum, MV Organic Skincare’s {Pure Jojoba} is a must-have multi-tasker, effortlessly dissolving even waterproof mascara, whilst helping to normalise oil production and soothe and hydrate dry, irritated patches.

Voted one of Style magazine’s favourite unsung beauty heroes, Ginvera’s {Marvel Gel} is aptly named – an ultra-gentle exfoliator that binds solely to dead skin cells, to revitalise your complexion without disrupting its delicate harmony.

And last but my no means least, Odacité’s {Clogged Pores Booster} stars jojoba and lavender, to purge pores of impurities and diminish visibility of blackheads – the ultimate foil for those plagued by enlarged pores, this potent elixir helps pave the way to a smoother, more ‘airbrushed’ complexion, without any need for foundation.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…