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Introducing NudeStix: Go Nude but Better

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert10 years ago
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Jenny Frankel NudeStix Interview

{Cult Beauty} Hi Jenny! We are so excited to be launching NudeStix - it's such a 'cult' brand. Can you please tell us a bit about your inspiration, and what makes NudeStix so unique?

{Jenny Frankel} My gorgeous daughters are my muses - I'm a chemical engineer with over 20 years' beauty experience - and I was fascinated by the fact that in spite of being exposed to 'out-there' make up artistry (both girls are models), they unfailingly opted for barely-there looks, with just a hint of colour to accentuate their finest features. My girls inspire me because they are smart, savvy, confident and beautiful inside and out! They believe in inner beauty, and that the best look for anyone is 'you, but on a great day' - a really positive philosophy, which prizes realism over artifice.

I noticed there was a gap in the beauty industry, for make up tailored towards this approach; neutral-toned, universally flattering products, to enhance without looking too 'done'. {NudeStix} is a streamlined make up collection that works for all faces, challenging you to love what you see in the mirror, and have the confidence to 'go nude but better'.

{CB} When did you have the epiphany? Was it a 'lightbulb' moment, or an idea that gradually took shape?

{JF} I was actually on an 'eat, pray, love' sabbatical for 18 months, and it was during the 'love' phase, that I spent quality time with my girls, and became particularly observant of their beauty, lifestyle and fashion ideas and preferences. The 'lightbulb' moment came when we were on vacation in Miami and discussing all the mental notes I'd made whilst in their company; I'd been playing around with the NudeStix idea, and they were both so passionate about the vision we decided to 'just do it'.

{CB} Your daughters are obviously a source of infinite inspiration. Have they always favoured a 'natural' look, or have you had to steer them through the make up minefield (I definitely made some dubious decisions growing up)?

{JF} They have always favoured a 'less is more' look - I think it's a generational thing. They don't really read magazines and their attention is captured (or not) by photographs or videos they see on social media. They're attracted by the whole package - personality, relatability and wearability - clothes, make up, gadgets that can be easily adopted, with minimum effort. Which is why even NudeStix directions are simple - just 'draw and smudge' - their generation wants ease (which woman doesn't!?) which is why it became to important to develop a portable product, that you can apply on the go.

NudeStix founder Jenny Frankel - Cult Beauty

{CB}On a typical morning, how long does it take you to get ready? Is there a NudeStix 'formula' you swear by?

{JF} Since I looooove to sleep, I only need 45 minutes to shower (except on a hair washing day), dress, do my make up, help make breakfast and lunches for the girls...

Which means that after cleansing/moisturising, I have about 5 minutes to make myself presentable; I swipe {Skin Concealer Pencil} quickly under my eyes/on my lids and cover signs of sun damage, then following with NudeStix {Eye Pencil} in 'Stardust' - applied along the brow bone and to high points of my face to lend my skin a subtle glow. I then apply {Magentic Eye} in 'Twilight' to the crease (it's really long-wearing so I can smudge it and forget about it), before finishing with a quick coat of {Mascara} on top lashes only.

{CB} Are there NudeStix shades you recommend for different skin tones/eye colours?

{JF} The beauty of NudeStix is that all shades flatter all faces (even the concealers can be used to contour). The only variable is the intensity of tone - for example, {Lip and Cheek} in 'Ripe' creates a pop of pink/nude colour on pale skins, but has a more 'your lips but better' effect on dark skinned girls. The Lip and Cheek Pencils are some of my favourites - designed to emulate a beautifully natural flush (which is often a shade similar to your lip colour), we believe a monochromatic lip and cheek lends harmony, balance and neutrality to the complexion.

NudeStix - Taylor and Ally

{CB} Are there any famous women whose approach to beauty you admire?

{JF} As well as timeless beauty icons such as Marilyn and Elizabeth Taylor, I admire women like Kate Moss and Brooke Shields, who are versatile, natural beauties who always look minimalist and unfailingly youthful (despite both being in their 40s)! And of course, I love model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, whose quirky personality shines through both on and off the catwalk. She's definitely representative of 'imperfect perfect' beauty - which is what young girls now aspire to, unlike the bombshell beauties we all (unrealistically) idolised in the late 80s.

The NudeStix woman is confident, modern, vibrant, intelligent and in love with life. She has many interests and always wants to put her best face forward, but isn’t prepared to waste precious hours primping in front of the mirror – there’s too much to juggle and see in the world! With {NudeStix}, you simply draw and smudge with a couple of pencils and you’re good to go in under 5 minutes. The products truly are for everyone. Perfect for the younger generation who like looking like they haven't made an effort, by smudging their make up on with their fingers - as well as the 35+ woman, for whom time is truly of the essence. In reality, less is more; we are all concerned with ageing, and the more neutral your skin looks, the more youthful you appear. The neutral colour palette is ideal for adding luminosity and definition, while the super soft formulas glide onto skin without stretching or pulling, making them ideal for more mature, delicate skin.


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Writer and expert
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