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Liquilift – The At-Home Facelift in a Mask

Liquilift 1{Liquilift} is a mask so active that it tightens and lifts your face in real-time. It is the most disconcerting product I have ever used and once I’d got the hang of it – you have to apply it very quickly starting with the centre of your face and working outwards – I could see a difference after the first use.

This mask was born from a wish to provide an alternative to electrical facial salon treatments. Liquilift steers away from the usual watered down ingredients you get when salon formulas become retail products. They recommend you use it three times a week for the first three weeks to really see the effects, and then go down to once a week after that to maintain a holding (up) pattern.

The founder has a background formulating medical only dermatological ranges, including a line that has proven a successful alternative to Accutane for the treatment of acne in children. For other brands she works behind the scenes developing laser treatments, clinical chemical peels and regenerative skincare for speeding up cellular regeneration after the skin trauma of invasive procedures. She has been nominated for most innovative product of the year 2013 and 2014 in the Cosmetic News Awards.


The powerful active responsible for Liquilift‘s effectiveness is called Liftonin. It contains tarmine tannins extracted from Oak trees, which have a tautening, astringent effect and strengthen your cell structure. These tannins neutralize harmful metal ions and protect with anti-oxidant properties. Liquilift is also powered by botanical silicone extracted from Millet – which accelerates new production of the skin’s structural proteins collagen and glycosamine.

This is another underground product that you will only find at Cult Beauty, enjoy!

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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