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Monthy Favourites - July Favourites

Another month older, another month no wiser… except that I now know, if asked, why cleansing oil is totally necessary and amazing (take note pub quiz comperes in the West London vicinity). July has been a long, hot and seemingly never-ending month of body-dissolvingly hot tube rides and costly iced coffees, but, it’s had its highlights; I was finally able to leave home without an emergency cardigan/raincoat/brolly/welly, and managed to coax my pasty face from ‘default wan’ to barely brown. Woohoo! So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve been reaching for daily, to prolong my psuedo-tan for as long as is feasibly possible.

As I mentioned, I’ve just begun a love affair with Aesop’s {Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil}. For someone who really hates washing (hair, body, clothes, floors), I really like cleansing (my face) – so something that prolongs the make-up-take-off process is alright with me. Plus, this gorgeous oil is ultra gentle – so won’t slough away my hard-earned semi-golden epidermis.

Hydration-wise, my {Parsley Seed Anti-Oxdiant Hydrator} only went and ran out on me (for shame). And because I love few things more than the thrill of the new (and was heavily influenced by my friend, who packed half the pharmacy for three days in the Algarve), I plumped for Dr. Hauschka’s {Melissa Day Cream} – in all its lemon-y scented glory. Lightweight but super-soothing, this has helped to rebalance my mixed-up face, without making me look like a really hot mess (in a bad way).

I’ve also been worshipping at the Mizon shrine, and loving their {Cotton Shower Sheet Essence} for oily skin. Each little, Witch Hazel-infused strip helps to counteract shine without leaving my skin feeling overexposed – I apply to oil-slick areas for a few minutes post-shower, then quickly swipe over my face as a toner.

Returning to the Aesop theme (I’m an addict!), the {Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Mask} is ideal for ‘off’ days, when I know that a blemish’s a-brewing. With Kaolin Clay to purge pores of impurities, alongside oils of Evening Primrose, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lemon – this smells reassuringly fresh-yet-medicinal, and accelerates the spot life cycle, so it’s going… going… gone before I succumb to temptation to squeeze.

And because I’m finally fractionally darker than bright white (did I mention my tan?), Studio 10’s {Age Defy Skin Perfector} has two shades of concealer (as well as a very summer-necessary primer), so I can custom blend a perfect match. It’s genius.

Daniel Sandler’s {Watercolour Fluid Blush} in Cherub is angelic. A flattering peachy-pink that makes me feel like Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette – because who wouldn’t want to resemble an ill-fated 18th Century French monarch?


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Verity Douglas

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