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Meet May Lindstrom (II)

May Lindstrom

Following on from part I, here’s the latter half of our interview with the beautiful {May Lindstrom} – skin chef, philosopher and entrepreneur – she’s our collective new-best-friend crush, and her superlative all-natural skin care formulations are truly otherworldly…

{CB} You describe your range as Epicurean. Which aspects of Epicurus’ philosophy do you think are most prevalent throughout your skin care?

{ML} In short summary, Epicurus’ philosophy, as I perceive it, was to strive towards living a happy and satisfied life and to do so without inflicting or experiencing pain and fear, and with an emphasis on the importance of a close circle of chosen friends and shared pleasures. Epicureanism is often misconstrued as hedonistic, but Epicurus’ focus was on internal peace and the good feeling that comes from finding joy inside – not from simply external pleasures and gluttony. I created a line that I hope resonates this message – there is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing ourselves pleasure and indulgence, and in building our lives around things that feel good – especially when they ARE good; when it’s shared and celebrated and causes no harm and helps bring you into your self and the care of your own soul and body.

{CB} Stacia (our buying director) mentioned that when you were starting out, you tested the range on fellow supermodels and industry insiders, and it was the amazing feedback you got that inspired you to take this further. Our readers love a famous name, can you name check anybody?

{ML} I really do hesitate to name-drop, but there has been quite a number of famous faces who have experienced the line. {The Youth Dew} and {The Good Stuff} especially are heavy-hitting staples in the kits of some very celebrated make up artists. The very first to experience The Good Stuff Radiance Oil immediately after official launch was supermodel Cindy Crawford, who was introduced to my golden potion on a photo shoot by (Los Angeles based) British make up artist Jo Baker. Jo’s collection of A-List clients who’ve fallen in love with MLS is extensive, but I generally choose to stay private on this unless I have the specific celebrity’s blessing to gush…

{CB} What urged you to pursue the organic approach to skin care? Do you believe all-natural triumphs over synthetic, and are there any synthetic products you’re reluctant to surrender? A can’t-live-without nail polish perhaps?

{ML} I think I largely covered this in response to the first question as it relates to me specifically, but in general I do think that all-natural wins over a cocktail of synthetics when it comes to our skin. I can’t help but think of this like food and ask the question of what I’d like my skin and body to ‘drink up’. It’s important to remember that this is quite literally what is happening when we slather on our products. I make very conscious decision at the grocery store for myself and my family, and I make those same decisions in our cleansing and bathing rituals.

There has not been a mainstream product yet that I’ve coveted so much I couldn’t find a clean (and simply better) alternative – for me, it simply isn’t worth it, especially when the natural market has been bringing more to the table than ever before with innovative formulas, beautiful colours and textures, the prettiest packaging imaginable and a receptive ear to what our clients are now asking of us – the ability to say ‘Yes’ without compromise.

Thanks May! Now shop the range {here} >>

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