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Anastasia Soare Shares Her Eyebrow Know-how

Many of us struggle to achieve the ‘perfect brow’ but with bold, defined brows showing no sign of sloping off into obscurity, we asked {Anastasia Beverly Hills}’ founder Anastasia Soare, eyebrow guru to the A-List, to share her tips and tricks to achieving the ultimate, face-flattering arches…

“Brows are dramatic this season” says Anastasia. “Bold colour and expertly defined lines are already becoming the next brow trend. The best part is that anyone can achieve this trend with the right products and a little know-how. The key to bold brows that won’t overpower your face is layering – the variance in colour and texture of a couple of different products will create a more natural look.”

Here are Anastasia’s steps to achieving the perfect bold brow:

{1.} I use {Brow Wiz} pencil to mark the starting and ending points of the brow. I align the pencil from the middle of the nostril so that it points up vertically. I draw a tiny dot where the pencil meets the brow bone, then I hold the pencil from the tip of the nose at an angle so it covers the middle of the iris. Where the pencil touches the brow, I draw another dot to mark the correct point for the highest part of the arch. Then, I hold the pencil from the corner of the nostril and align it with the outside corner of the eye. I draw the last dot where the pencil overlaps the brow bone – this dot marks the end-point of the brow.

{2.} Now that I have my points for the perfect brow, I outline the shape I want, making sure to follow my guide points. I start out using {Brow Wiz} to outline the bottom of the arch in short, smooth strokes to get the cleanest line possible. A light touch is really key, to avoid over-application of colour. I then do the same along the top of the brow, making sure the outline follows the proper points.

{3.} Once the brow shape is completely outlined, I fill the brow using brand new {DipBrow Pomade}. The creamy, waterproof, smudgeproof formula clings to the hairs – ideal if you’re blessed with naturally ‘big’ brows, as well as for those in need of a little more ‘oomph’. I then fill in any bald areas with tiny, hairlike strokes of {Brow Wiz}, to even the whole look out.

{4.} Finally, I set the entire brow in place with {Tinted Brow Gel}. The tinted gel holds the hair and colour in place with a final tint that really adds a bold sophistication to the look. I even use {Tinted Brow Gel} alone for quick highlights on the brow, or for touch ups during the day.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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