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James Corbett on Tela Hair Care

A new 100% organic hair range is in town and it’s [literally] hair-raisingly good. Recommended to us by top New York hair colourist and CB Expert James Corbett; here’s what he had to say about it:  -What do you like most about Tela Hair Care? The superiority of their ingredients. You can smell the freshness and the high proportion of essential oils and herb extracts when you open the bottle – just look at the ingredients list I promise you won’t see anything like this anywhere else. Plus they just really work! One thing to know about Tela is that because it is 100% natural the effects are not immediate, they take a week to start showing and two weeks before you really see the amazing results. We are used to the ‘slip’ effect you get from lots of silicones, resins and polymers, but all they do is sit on top of the shaft; this is why people feel they have to switch products every couple of months because this build up makes hair start to feel constantly dirty, like the products are no longer working. -What are your favourites from the range, and why do you think each one is so good? 1. Color Guard Shampoo – From a purely selfish angle as a colorist, it’s really important that I recommend products that keep my work looking good for the longest – my customers are my best marketing. To find an organic shampoo that cleanses without stripping, and moisturises without heavy synthetics that coat the hair shaft causing build up, is a godsend. This shampoo makes my colour last 30% longer, which is especially useful for red heads and brunettes – it’s hard to keep brunette cool and rich (e.g. Biel’s right) as there is always a tendency for the colour to go brassy and orange. 2. Healer – This doesn’t actually heal split ends – a physical impossibility. Healer moisturises the shaft and smooths down the rough cortex right to the end so the splits are united, without weighing down hair so it looks greasy. On damaged hair a rough cortex (surface) is what dulls, because is absorbs rather than reflects the light. Healer works for all hair types, for fine hair use a pea-sized amount and never use more than a grape. Also don’t put Healer, or any other conditioner, anywhere near the first 3 inches from your roots – your natural oils will keep that area nicely hydrated. 3. Volume Shampoo – Most volumising shampoos just have any moisturising elements removed so that the hair fluffs up, but this is very drying. Tela’s Volume range actually adds density to the hair shaft using Quinoa proteins, so isn’t damaging or dulling to the hair. It actually makes you feel like you have more hair on your head. 4. Boost – This can be used wet or dry, the volumising effects of this are definitely amplified if you use the Volume Shampoo & Conditioner beforehand. The key to a great blow dry is to section your hair first (top, front & two sides), then mist 2 pumps of Boost into each section aiming at the first four inches of hair by your scalp. There are no resins in the formula so this isn’t drying or stiffening – save crispy for your bacon girl! Boost can also be used on dry hair to reset a style before you head out after work. Use half as much as you would on wet then blow dry. –What are some good volumising blow-dry tips? Blow drying is all about resetting the hydrogen bonds in your hair, which reforms it’s shape, Boost supports this process and holds the result. You don’t have to turn your head upside-down, just roll your barrel brush in an arch from your roots, treat the placement of your brush like a set of old fashioned rollers. Put the hair dryer on a med heat setting then hit the hair with it, take it away, hit the hair again, take it away; 5-7 seconds, not 20 like our friend below:

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