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James Read’s Tan-talising 2011 Predictions

We asked Cult Beauty expert and the A-list’s tan-man, James Read, to give us his predictions for 2011, plus his fail-safe tanning tips for a year-round glow – just what you need to brighten up pale and pasty January…

The Tahitian Tan:

“Looking forward to the Spring/Summer shows, there was one main trend that stood out for me – the Seventies revival. Skin looked rich, dark and glowing in a flashback to Farah Fawcett, Charlies Angels and Joni Mitchell, with gorgeous California tans, as seen at Topshop Unique, House of Holland, Marc Jacobs and Roksanda Illincic. The detail in this tan is all in its finish because texture is completely matte and utterly natural. To recreate this look, re-apply 3-4 layers of self-tan to give the skin a deep, golden look and then lightly layer a wash off mist to add definition. Go for a dark lotion to achieve this look, I would recommend Xen Tan Dark lotion for that deep colour or go for a wash off St Tropez new Dark Wash Off Tan.”

The Complexion Tan:

“It will be all about the retro-inspired tans next year but on the other side will be the Complexion Tan. Graphic and colourful prints work best when complemented with porcelain, perfect skin. I like to call this the The Complexion Tan, where skin has just a hint of colour, to take the edge off pale colouring, it’s about working with the natural complexions of your face. There are two ways to achieve this, mix a small amount of self tan with your moisturiser or brush a small amount of bronzer onto a tanning mitt, then rub over your skin, this will pick your skin up.This technique also works really well to enhance an existing tan.”

Tips and Tricks

1) Don’t have a facial or beauty treatment less than 4 days before tanning but if you do apply self tan on the next day, rub a ice cube over your face first to close your pores, this will stop them from becoming blocked.
2) Wax 48 hours and shave 24 hours before tanning.
3) Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning, to remove dead skin and any unwanted remnants of previous self-tan.
4) Moisturise the hands, feet, elbows, knees and any dry areas on the body.
5) When applying your self-tan, map out your body in stages so you don’t miss bits, slowly working from body part to body part. Start from your face and work your way down your body.
6) For a light tan, wash product off after 4-5 hours or leave on for 8-10 hours for a richer colour (I recommend you sleep with your tan on for the quickest way to pass the time).
7) Moisturise daily to get the most out of your tan
8) Exfoliate after 3 days so that your tan fades evenly. Go for a product that contains AHA’s (friendly fruit acids) as they are the way forward in self-tan removal

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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