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FARMACY Honeymoon Glow 30ml

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Image 1, After 1 use: 92% felt skin was hydrated, soft and supple*. 90% felt skin was smooth and retexturized*. After two weeks: 87& felt skin was brighter with a healthy glow*. *Based on consumer page test of 30 subjects over a 6-week period. Image 2, 10% AHA Blend - promotes cell renewal and target hyperpigmentation. 1% BHA (Willow Bark) reduces the appearance of pores. 3& Flower Acids targets fine lines and wrinkles whilst moisturising.

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Top Customer Reviews

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Absolute 5 star and worth the hype!

Love the glow next morning! Absolutely worth the hype. It's expensive but will last longer. Do not apply in high quantity as it can cause redness. Gives slight tingling sensation on the skin. Exfoliates the skin well and didn't break me out. Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen.

by Sakshi Verified Purchase

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Run don’t go

I love this acid serum a lot. The only downside is that it sticky as ****. But anything else is good about it - it leaves skin shiny and on the next morning visibly reduces pimples.

by Anastasiya

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Glowing skin

This will make your skin glow like no other.  I always come back to this product but i try to use it every other night as it is strong but definitely worth it! 

by Ayha Verified Purchase

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I see the glow

Ive gone through an entire bottle of this. It does sting a little when you apply it however i dont mind that. I do feel that it may be a little too harsh for everyday use, but would definitely purchase again, because when i do, i see the glow.

by Sam Verified Purchase

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Love it

Works pretty good for acne prone oily skin. Skin looks radiant afterwards.

by Migle Verified Purchase

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TOP 5 skincare product of life

This is one of my favorite skincare product ever. Like one of the best in the skincare game.  You see instant result - well the next morning to be specific, I was applying this product at night. It leaves your skin bright and soooo soft, it's really amazing. It also helps with little bumps. It's on the pricey side but soooo worth it.  I will definitely repurchase this product (once i've finished up all my other chemical exfoliant).  I can't recommend it enough.

by Sarah

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A good AHA serum

I liked this serum a lot and did see some improvements while using it. Still, I haven't been inclined to buy it again. This is a more luxurious one, but I feel like Paula's choice AHA does the job.

by Aino

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Worth it!

It is on the expensive side but this one is worth it. It tingles on the skin only slightly and it gives you so much glow!

by Michaela

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Best thing that'll ever happen to your skin!

Every time I use this overnight - I get compliments the next day because my make up will sit better, because my skin will radiate confidence, it's just one of those products that you need in your skincare rotation. I have nights when I use retinol/tret - next day I'd do hydration - day after I'd use this - so about 2x a week. Love it so much! I used to use it a bit more often and it got rid of the little bumps under my skin as well which was fabulous! Truly gives you a honeymoon glow!

by Dora

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From many years I use different products with different acids to keep my skin clean of blackheads and pimples (my skin also tend to be sensitive and dry) this product! OMG this is better than other product’s putted together, already at morning after first use I’ve seen the difference, glowing moisturized skin with clean pores, clear complexion with no new surprises. Since then I use it every second night and result is always perfect, I don’t use other acids anymore (beside HA during the day) guys really Wow! Ps. I just didn’t understand why I was charged for the samples that was sent to me with my order, small amount of money but it’s wasn’t a pleasant surprise...

by Ng.

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