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With the brand’s headquarters being split between Florida and California, the maestros at Sun Bum know a thing or two about living in sun-soaked climes. Sun Bum serendipitously formed after the founders made a formula to protect their friends and family, and the brand has since grown – championing a ‘work less, live more’ philosophy (their offices can be seen swarming with happy dogs, hosting intense ping-pong sessions or even just plain empty if everyone’s decided to head for a surf), that encourages people to live happy and fulfilled lives that matter. That’s why all Sun Bum formulas are mindful of the planet and its inhabitants – formulated without gluten, sulphates, parabens or cruelty; and completely vegan and reef-friendly*. It’s time to ‘Trust The Bum’ – it’s time to trust the ones who live on the beach; who need formulas to work even during the most intense heatwaves; who need these products to protect the ones they love.

*All Sun Bum formulas are free of oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Sun Bum

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