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Catering to curly, coily, and tight-textured tresses, Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross gives your strands the support they need to be their true self. Powered by the natural hair movement, Pattern searches far and wide to source only the best ingredients that promise to promote juicy and joyful locks.


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Dreamt up by Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern hair care is a black-owned brand that empowers and is powered by authentic black beauty. Inclusive to all, the brand aim to bring out your mane’s fullest potential. Approaching hair health in a holistic way, Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross can treat and transforms your locks whatever stage it's in. From scalp treatments to styling cream, the products are infused with only the best ingredients (think argan oil and jojoba oil) – making everyday a good hair day.


From starring in some of the most iconic sitcoms (Girlfriends, we’re looking at you) to empowering our hair care routine, Tracee Ellis Ross took it upon herself to fill the gap in the curly and coily market – leaving no strand behind. Built off the passion of discovering products that gave her hair the support it needed to be its true self, the founder put the magnifying glass on finding suitable products that did her and her communities hair justice. The result? Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross.


Thoughtful about its packaging, the brand ensure that no Honest beauty products are encased in anything containing PVC or Styrene. Conscious about what it uses, everything is housed in gorgeous recyclable and re-usable packaging; think glass, aluminium, tin and recyclable plastic. Its cartons are also consciously crafted, FSC-certified and made from 100% upcycled materials. Good for you and the environment.


On a mission to expand how we should communicate, care and celebrate our strands, Pattern Beauty reimagines our hair care vocabulary and the words associated with our beloved curly and coily locks. From dusting to dense the brand remixes, the meaning of them all.