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Unifying body and vulva care, Luna Daily is on a mission to connect people with each other and themselves. Powered by its unique THERMA-BIOME+ complex, the brand works with an expert team of dermatologists and gynaecologists to create gentle formulas that are vegan, pH-perfect and microbiome-balancing for all areas… even your most intimate.


Translating to ‘moon’ in many different languages, Luna Daily connects people with others and themselves. Shining the light on topics that have been in the dark for so long, the brand aims to take intimate care from taboo into the mainstream market. The result? Everyday essentials that balance your body’s microbiome in all areas – we’re talking about your head, vulva, knees and toes.


Born from Katy Cottam’s own teenage experience, Luna Daily launched after 15 years of extensive research. Suffering from thrush after an intensive course of antibiotics, which had several negative impacts on her gut and skin microbiome, the founder realised she was no longer able to use mainstream body products to care for her most intimate skin. While her only option was to use specified ‘feminine hygiene’ products, Katy resented them as they were typically associated with embarrassment and shame. After working for a globally renowned beauty brand and talking with her colleagues, she quickly discovered that even after so many years normalising intimate care had not happened. Taking this frustration, she decided to quit her job and work with a team of expert dermatologists and gynaecologists (dubbed the Collective) to dream up products that cater to all areas of the body. And the rest is as they say… history!


Committed to changing the future of intimate care by making conversation around gynaecological health natural, Luna Daily raises funds and support the ongoing work of The Lady Garden Foundation in a bid to reduce the impacts of gynaecological cancers.