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Proving that less can be more when it comes to skincare, KraveBeauty dreams up everyday essentials that demystify your routine. Understanding that our dermis is smart and deserves to be respected, the brand’s collection consists of two simple yet effective series that tackle common complexion concerns, without compromising – or replacing – our natural ecosystem.


“Skin care should be easy” says KraveBeauty’s founder, skin care aficionado and YouTube OG Liah Yoo. Hear her secrets to great skin here…


Founded in 2017 by beauty aficionado and YouTube icon Liah Yoo,KraveBeauty is built on the ethos that skin care should work with your complexion – not against it. Paying homage to our naturalecosystem, the brand continues to flip thescript from saying “you need this product” to “you don’t need this product”. Uncomplicating the basics,KraveBeauty dreams up a simple but effective routine that can work on even the most sensitive of skin types.


A renowned beauty influencer known for sharing her skin care tips, knowledge and experience she gained while working at Korea’s largest beauty company, Liah Yoo has an international social reach of over 700,000 followers (and counting). Building her credibility by helping others on their skin journey, the influencer openly and honestly shares her skin care woes and frustrations of constant trends of instant fixes. It was at this moment, Liah Yoo had an idea of her own – to create skin care products that listen to what your skin needs rather than competing with it. Cue:KraveBeauty.


Dreaming up beauty products that work with your skin,KraveBeauty’s philosophy is built on three main pillars: to feed yourskinsides, uncomplicate the basics and slow down skin care. Proving that looking after your dermis should be easy and efficient, the brand splits its formulas up into two categories. Firstly,there’s the Core collection, which includes everyday essentials that keep your skin supported, happy and healthy. Then there is the Supplement edit, designed to tackle all common concerns. Now, who said your beauty regime need to hard?