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Putting make up artistry on the map, Kevyn Aucoin dreamt up his eponymous brand back in 2001. Deeply rooted in values of empowerment, originality and inclusivity, Hollywood’s world-renowned MUA encouraged self-expression through a cosmetic collection that does not cover, but uncovers your true self. Prepare to discover easy-to-use formulas and tools for your complexion, eyes, lips and more.



Renowned across the globe as Hollywood’s most innovative make up artists, Kevyn Aucoin is a firm believe that everyone is beautiful from the inside out, and cosmetics simply act as a tool to help you embrace that. From pioneering contouring into the mainstream to being the first MUA to win a CFDA Award in 2019, the eponymous founder empowered and educated with everything he did – whether that be though his bestselling books (The Art of Makeup (1994), Making Faces (1997), and Face Forward (2001)) or with his signature soft-focus formulas. Continuing this legacy, today Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is a brand that celebrates approachability, artistry, empowerment and originality. It’s unapologetic, brave and fearless.


Born in in Shreveport, Louisiana, Kevyn Aucoin was always infatuated with the fashion and beauty looks often found in the likes of Vouge and other magazines. From age 11, he began to experiment with make up looks on his sister and best friend – capturing all his innovative creations on a polaroid camera. As years passed Kevyn Aucoin’s passion prevailed as he recognised the transformative power cosmetics could have on one’s self. Uprooting to New York to begin his ‘American dream’, he continuously sat outside Vogue’s HQ until he was given a chance to show off his natural talent. Fast-forward to today and the professional make up artists' work has appeared on 19 covers of Vogue along with creating looks for fashion week, music videos, films, fashion adverts and so much more.


Where do we begin? It’s hard to find a famous face which Kevyn Aucoin hasn’t graced. From the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Huston and Cher to Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lisa Marie Presley (just to name a few), the MUA singlehandedly created celebrity artistry.