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Born from the concept of ‘storysmelling’ and founded by Dutch entrepreneur Bram Niessink, Fugazzi Fragrances instantly transport you to a different time, place and memory. Blending oils, flowers and Asian teas (that are usually found in healing practices around the world), the brand pairs contradictory notes to create unexpectedly, delightful sumptuous scents.


Founded in 2018 after a cultural trip to Egypt, Dutch native Bram Niessink created Fugazzi Fragrances when falling in love with mixing and experimenting with perfume oils. Melding unique and contrasting scents, that are luxurious but edgy when spritzed, the brand has developed a unique take on aromas, by developing its concept of ‘storysmelling.’


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Bram Niessink's trajectory into fragrance formulation wasn’t something he was working towards. It wasn’t until 2018 after a trip to Egypt that his intrigue and experimentation with ancient Egyptian oils lead him to create unique scents that his friends and family loved. The story of Cleopatra making Anthony fall deeply in love with her because of her scent played on his mind and he decided to create Fugazzi Fragrances. The name Fugazzi is deeply personal to Bram, as it represents something mysterious and incomprehensible, encapsulating the brand’s unique mix of aromas.


A cult classic for a reason, Fugazzi’s Angel Dust Eau de Parfum fuses the calming and peaceful notes of cashmeran with hints of Calabrian bergamot, pepper cashmere and white amber crystals. Addictively decadent, the scent wraps your senses in an intimate privacy, bringing the feeling of solace and ease whenever you spritz. Another fan-favourite is the purple-hued Saint Rémy. Inspired by the one and only Vincent Van Gough and his time spent at the Saint-Paul asylum in Saint Rémy de Provence, this fragrance is a nod to the beauty and fulfilment that can be found in the face of chaos. Boasting top notes of white iris, bergamot and juniper berries with woody notes of cedar and vetiver this pleasing combination is a delight to your senses.