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Founded by Jun Sang Hun back in 2013, COSRX is devoted to finding skin care solutions for a plethora of personal complexion concerns. Built on the belief that there’s a ‘better tomorrow’, the K-beauty brand’s formulas are renowned for alleviating irritated skin by using minimal ingredients that provide maximum results.



Proving that when it comes to skin care, sometime less is more, COSRX is renowned worldwide for its simple packaging and fuss free formulas. Built from the founder’s frustration of not being able to find suitable products for his sensitive skin, the Korean brand uses personal experiences to ensure tangible results. From overnight masks to replenishing moisturisers, there’s a solution to suit every routine and complexion concern.


What sets COSRX’s apart from the other skin care brands on the market? Its focus on its customer and data. By looking into the lifestyles of its consumers, the brand is able to create formulas that are not only user-friendly but that resolve a complexity of common skin concerns too. Plus, using Korean skin care technology, function and ingredients to build upon its collective data, COSRX created a list of simple active ingredients that are proven to solve a wide range of personal woes.


With numerous of awards under its belt, COSRX’s covetable collection is bursting with bestsellers. While the iconic AC Collection Acne Patch protects blemishes against infection, reduces irritation and neutralises bacteria, the brand’s signature Low p-H Good Morning Cleanser sweeps away dirt while awakening your skin.