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How To Create Your Body Skin Care Routine

Close up of woman cleansing her body in the shower with a foam cleanser, loofa and curly hair in a bathroom setting.

From melting away your make up with a cleansing balm to serving up some serious hydration with your go-to moisturiser and serum, we all know how important it is to stay consistent with your daily skin care routine. But for many of us, when it comes to below the collar bone, the commitment beings to fizzle out. That was until now… 

Skin is skin – whether it’s on your face, neck, arms, legs (you get the gist) – so it’s just as important to treat your body to the same TLC as your complexion. Not sure where to start? No problem. Here at Cult Beauty, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to create the ultimate body skin care routine. Hint: it’s not too dissimilar to your current facial regime…  


If like us you already have a consistent AM and PM facial regime, you can probably guess the first step. Yes, cleansers, of course. Creating a clean slate for the remaining of your body skin care routine, these everyday essentials (whether they be in the form of a gel, wash or soap bar) prevent break outs by banishing dirt, debris and dead skin. To reveal fresh skin for longer, opt for products that include ingredients such as smoothing salicylic acid and niacinamide to gently condition your dermis.  

How to cleanse your body? Body care begins in the shower. Lather up the formula with the help of loofah or washcloth before gentle massaging onto soaked skin, covering all areas– we’re talking, elbows, knees, back and feet. Always be sure to rinse off thoroughly with warm water, before moving onto the next step.  


02 TONE 

Next up, toning – and before you ask, no we don’t mean training your abs at the gym. When it comes to your body care routine, toning refers to reducing imperfections and improving the overall appearance of your skin. The solution? Body oils. Minimising scarring and evening our skin tone, these featherweight formulas deliver a daily dose of moisture, while firming from head to toe.  

How to tone your body? Apply after bathing by massaging into skin in firm, upward and circular movements until fully absorbed. 


Remove rough skin, excess build up and stubborn fake tan by incorporating a chemical exfoliator into your regime, 2-3 times a week. Resurfacing your limbs, scrubs that include glycolic acid are ideal to dissolve dead cells, smooth bumpy textures and unclog pores. And, if that wasn’t enough, exfoliation also shields your skin against ingrown hairs while prepping it to absorb the benefits of your other body care products more efficiently.  

How to exfoliate your body? Massage your exfoliating scrub into damp skin in a circular motion, working your way all over your body. It’s important to pay close attention to areas with particularly rough skin such as your knees, elbows and heels. To enhance exfoliation, you can also use an exfoliating glove or brush. Be careful not to scrub too hard around sensitive areas (AKA your upper chest and neck).



Body hair removal is optional – and how you do it is totally up to you – but if you do decide to shave it’s vital to do it in a way that won’t damage or irritate your skin. The best way to ensure you’re razor ready? By shaving in the shower. The water will soften your skin and lower the chances of nipping yourself. Then to make the main event even more seamless, use a shaving cream or conditioner for results that are smoother than ever.  

How to carry out hair removal properly? Carry out this step in the shower or on soaked skin. Start by applying your shaving cream and carefully move the razor with the grain, instead of going against it. Rinse the area thoroughly once hair is removed.  



It can’t be denied that during our day-to-day, we are exposed to elements that can dry and damage our dermis, but that’s why body moisturisers are a must. Whether you carry out all the four phases above, or just stick to one, the step that follows will always remain the same. Hydrating you from head to toe, moisturisers strengthens the protective barrier and helps the skin’s defence to stay in check. Deeply nourishing and revitalising, it’s best to apply the lotion while your limbs are damp from the shower. Why? Because when the skin is wet, it’s more absorbent, meaning the moisturiser is able to penetrate deeper, leaving you feeling smoother and hydrated for longer. 

How to moisturise your body? Use on damp skin after your bath or shower and apply in a circular motion to create warmth for better absorption and circulation – ensuring you’re covering all areas from the neck down (toes included). 



Not a must – but ideal for those who want a sun-kissed sign off – self-tanners will have you looking beautifully bronzed (sans the airmiles). Powered by a colouring agent called dihydroxyacetone, they work with the amino acids in your skin to react and darken cells on the surface of your body. Want to learn more about how to fake tan the right way? Our 101 tanning guide has you and your colour covered. 

How to use fake tan on the body? Make sure your skin is totally dry before applying the self-tanner. Start application with a tanning mitt at the legs before moving on to the torso and arms. Avoid showering for about six to eight hours after application. Reapply every two to three days for a longer-lasting look.  


Now you have your body care routine on lock, it’s time to lavish your limbs and indulge in some productive pampering. 



Trifonia Asmar

Trifonia Asmar

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