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Guarantee a great night’s sleep with these bedtime essentials

It’s #WorldSleepDay and so in a bid to celebrate the (oft-elusive) Zzzzzs, we’ve curated this collection of the sleep-inducing heroes we’re addicted to (they’re basically The Sandman made reality). Ideal for anyone who finds sleep difficult to come by, forget counting sheep and instead, reach for one of these magical must-haves to help dispel stresses and keep all those dream-stealing niggles at bay. So, light a candle, lace your tea with {Dream Dust} aaaaaaaand… you’re under….

Want a skin-boosting treatment that works hard while you do the opposite? Alpha-H’s aptly-titled {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} is the perfect way to optimise your skin cells’ overnight regenerative processes. With AHAs and retinol to stimulate cell turnover and ‘boost’ renewal cycles, you’ll wake up looking positively luminous (no princes necessary).

Strike the right note with a calming candle nothing says ‘ahhh more than an ESPA scent. Reminiscent of spending a day at the spa (and inevitably falling asleep during a treatment) the {Soothing Candle} might just be your sleep-inducing bedtime must have. With a mellow, peaceful aroma of sandalwood, myrrh, rose geranium and frankincense these essential oils will quieten the mind and soul meaning you’ll be slowly, soothingly finding it hard to keep your eyes open… (just *don’t* drift off before its extinguished). 

Sweet dreams are made of… dust (apparently). Or more specifically, they come from cups-of-cocoa mixed with Moon Juice {Dream Dust} – a powerful adaptogenic blend of soothing, stress-combatting actives which helps you to find your ‘off’ switch and awaken in the morning feeling full of joie de vivre. The ultimate foil for insomnia, this powder is perfect for quashing the after-dark daemons that threaten your shut-eye…

Tame your tresses, prevent breakage and prolong the life of your blowdry with SILKE London’s {Silk Hair Wrap} – which not only makes you look absolutely faaaaabulous and starlet-worthy, but works to minimise friction so your locks look constantly glossy (and you can leave longer between washes).

If you find the ‘Land of Nod’ elusive, Votary’s country garden at dusk aromatherapy-infused {Pillow Spray} may just be the ticket. With a blend of lavender, chamomile and rose oils these work to calm the mind and ease nerves sending you off to an enchanting English garden of dreams…  Or try ESPA’s {Restful Pillow Mist} that encourages restfulness with its infusion of lavender, clary sage, and bergamot that’ll help reduce your cortisol levels and have you feeling refreshed come 7am. 

And if you find yourself too-easily awoken, delay the day’s dawn with Slip’s {Pure Silk Eye Mask}. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk to respect the delicate skin around your eyes, this decadent sleep mask looks chic and blocks out light so you can get your well-deserved, eight blissful hours (noisy neighbours/children/bed buddies permitting)…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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