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Double Serum: the latest K-Beauty trend you need to know

Five-a-day for your face, {Sweet Chef} is the imminent arrival from the brains behind Glow Recipe – a streamlined collection of plant-powered serums and masks to ensure you live life on the veg. Leaping Bunny certified and packed with replenishing, plant-derived extracts, the line-up is brimming with goodness to nourish your skin and recover its glow-jo.

The crudités your skin can’t wait to snack on, Sweet Chef’s phenomenal serums and masks are abundant with skin-loving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ‘feed’ your face and help your cells’ metabolise the benefits.

Star of the show is the trio of {Serum Shots} – silky elixirs that work miracles on their own, or when artfully blended to dial up the potency. Inspired by a cool, emerging K-Beauty trend (we haven’t had one of those guys for a while), these featherlight formulas play really nicely together to tackle the swathe of concerns in one, effortless step.

‘Double Serum’ is a thing and it is possible you’re doing it already (just without a fancy title). Unlike layering, in which you apply all your products – from lightest to heaviest – on top of one another (like a sandwich), ‘Double Serum’ lets you ‘muddle’ two similar serums or treatments to create your own custom cocktail.

It’s something that’s already part of the K-Beauty ritual, where people have dabbled in alchemy – blending their potions to make bespoke beauty solutions – for decades. It’s the simplest way to give skin what it craves and adapt your regime to the elements, your lifestyle or your cycle!

This ethos is central to Sweet Chef’s philosophy and all three of the brand’s forthcoming serums are designed to complement each other – boasting a perfectly dosed concentration of active ingredients, so you can double-dip without the risk of irritation. From brightening {Ginger + Vitamin C} to rejuvenating {Beet + Vitamin A} via the soothing, replenishing {Kale + Vitamin B}, this brilliant trio will cater to every complexion concern.

It’s all about reading your skin and, instead of just giving your face the same ‘meal’ on repeat, adapting its diet to make sure it’s thoroughly nourished.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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