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The greatest Asian beauty exports

For the most exciting (and oft most peculiar) beauty must-haves, you need to cast your net a little wider (or, trust us to do it for). Asia is leading the charge when it comes to cosmetic innovation – and we’ve rounded up our pick of the greatest {skin care} (and make up) from the likes of South Korea, Singapore and Japan – so you can sit back, pour yourself a green tea and splash out on a little bit of Eastern promise…

It’s time to say ‘Konnichiwa’ to Asian women’s best-kept beauty secret. At the forefront of the J-Beauty movement, {Shiseido} is changing the face of your make up (and skin care!) collection… With cutting-edge formulas, innovative ingredients and never-before-dreamed-of textures (we’re looking at you, {Aura Dew}), this Far Eastern edit amalgamates centuries-old beauty wisdom with high-tech developments, helping you face the future looking luminous.


Almost too cute (but not quite) TONYMOLY’s totes adorbz exterior belies its brilliance. This range is aimed at younger women, but the fruity balms and {hand creams} are beloved by those who can’t resist a hint of kitsch. The {Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream} looks like something worthy of Snow White – and smells like it’s just fallen from the tree – while the wardrobe of sheet masks stars something for every skin type. The {Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm} is a must-have – the innovative self-heating treatment eliminates pore-clogging dirt, oils and make up for an enviably flawless finish.


Developed by one of Japan’s most famous personalities, Fairydrop’s {Scandal Queen} mascaras were borne out of frustration (like most of the best beauty solutions). Having tried – and failed – to find a {mascara} which made her eyelashes look suitably ‘wow’ when on camera, creator Aya Yusade snipped away at brushes ’til she alighted on her patented, ‘bobble’ shaped wand. Available in {Waterproof} and {Quattro} – these phenomenal formulas lift, lengthen and separate each eyelash, for incredible eye enhancement. There’s good reason they’ve been described as ‘push up-bras for lashes’.


Made from a funny sort of north east-Asian potato (#truefact), Japanese women use {Konjac Sponges} to cleanse and polish their (famously flawless) {complexions}. Naturally alkaline and chock-full of skin-friendly vitamins and minerals, these eliminate grime while maintaining skin’s optimal pH balance. Go ‘au naturel’ with the {Pure Konjac Puff Sponge}, or choose one infused with oil-absorbing {Bamboo Charcoal}, clarifying {French Green Clay}, radiance-boosting {French Red Clay} or antioxidant {Green Tea}, to address your specific skin care concerns.


Bringing the kitsch (but incredible) ‘seoul’ of Korea to your skin care wardrobe, {Saturday Skin} is an Instagram fixture. The latest additions – the {Rub-a-Dub Refining Peel} and {Press Pause Beauty Essence} – are much more than purely good looking (but that always helps). A great way to banish the everyday ‘grey’ that accompanies urban living (yuk), the ‘peel gel’ eliminates dulling dead cells to leave skin soft and glowing (without irritation). Follow with bounce-boosting essence to get your glow on (these are excellent fodder for ‘stories’).


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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