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How to match your palette to your personality

Whether you’re a budding Botticelli or a mermaid-in-the-making, we’ve matched you to your must-have eye-enhancer…

If you’re a modern-day Venus de Milo

Chances are, you’ve bought an inflatable shell to lounge on in the waves as you comb out your tumbling mane… all whilst (scantily) clad in a sequinned bikini. Enhance your Daryl Hannah c. ‘Splash’ vibes with Lime Crime’s mermaid-inspired {HI-LITE Palette} – a trio of shimmering, siren-esque shades from pearl pink to turquoise. You’ll bring all the boys to the beach…

If you’re a (bit of a) drama queen

Complement your tempestuous nature with something slightly dark and stormy. The {Venus II Eyeshadow Palette} is as extreme as your personality – sparkling one second, thunderous the next. With ‘pops’ of shimmering colour – teal, saffron and ultramarine – alongside an array of moody hues (maroon, rust and inky blue-black), this is the perfect way to play up your split-personality.

If you give good resting b*tch face

For those whose favourite method of expression is one elegantly elevated eyebrow, make sure yours are beautifully groomed with {Anastasia Beverly HillsPro Series Brow Palette}. The perfect way to throw exactly the right shade of shade, look down on those unworthy of your air-space with this comprehensive kit. Pix-and-mix to achieve an exact eyebrow match (then use the surplus colours to enhance your eyelids).

If you’re more ‘girl next door’

Unleash your inner Kate Moss-in-the-90s-side with one of Stila’s stunning {Perfect Me Perfect Hue} palettes – each with an array of understated colours to achieve an enviable, Corinne Day aesthetic. With eye and cheek powders to flatter every skin tone, it’s easy to create a set of model-worthy cheekbones for an ingénue-off-duty look.

If you’re a budding Botticelli

Hone your artistic skills and create an array of mesmer-eyes-ing make up masterpieces with Lime Crime’s {Venus XL Palette}. Starring 18 pigment-rich powders – from pale gold to rich sunset shades – the only limit is the scope of your imagination. Contained in a decadent case adorned with a Botticelli original (sort of), this is the pro palette for all the die-hard make up aficionados.

If you’re a child of the ’80s

You’ll be needing Huda’s diva-worthy {Gemstones Obessions}; a slimline collection of oooh-inducingly beautiful, shimmering eyeshadow shades to upgrade your every after-hours outfit. With nine jewel-toned hues from opal to emerald via glimmering sapphire blue, the sleek, slimline edit fits neatly inside the teeniest minaudière – great when your wardrobe adopts a strict ‘no pocket’ policy (“Hello, catsuit my old friend!”). 


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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