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Spring clean your complexion with 5 new cult cleansers

Just in time for your annual ‘spring cleaning’ ritual, this crop of cleansers ticks our beauty boxes. The best way to slough off those post-winter scales, there’s something to suit every skin type (and budget) in this all-star edit of brand new arrivals. Hurry up, Summer! We’re ready and (very impatiently) waiting…

The world’s in LOVE with {LIXIR} and the brand’s creamy {Elelctrogel Cleanser} is the perfect first step in your skin care regime. Firm in her belief that beauty should be much more all-inclusive, creator Collete Haydon’s ‘one-for-all’ formula does what a cleanser should do: melting make up and dissolving oils, grime and pore-clogging pollutants, while leaving skin comfortably soft and hydrated. Plus, it’s a stylish addition to your bathroom #shelfie.

A brilliant way to refresh a congested or oily complexion, Odacité’s {Black Mint Cleanser} lathers gently to combat clogged pores and revitalise sluggish skin cells. With charcoal and clay to ‘unclog’ bunged-up pores and prevent midday shine, alongside a cocktail of zingy tea tree and fresh peppermint extracts, this gentle gel cleanser is great for awakening post-sleep complexions – helping your skin (and your sense!) dive into the day.

A super-natural superstar, Tata Harper’s green demon will cause spots to quake. A brilliant choice for reactive or blemish-prone skin types, {Clarifying Cleanser} is infused with willow bark (to ‘excavate’ pores), arnica, calming calendula and borage leaf extracts, alongside gently exfoliating lactic and citric acids to slough away scales and help keep those unwelcome eruptions at bay. 

Millennial pink with a punch, Saturday Skin has flown straight from Korea to jump-start your skin cells and make your face carpe each diem. Comfortably creamy, the {Rise + Shine} formula boasts an impressive array of plant extracts to soften and ‘feed’ your complexion with much-needed nutrients, while the brand’s cutting-edge peptide complex – Cha-7 es – promotes cell generation to keep your skin beautifully ‘bouncy’.

Ideal for all those with Sahara-esque skin types, Josh Rosebrook’s {Complete Moisture Cleanse} will be right up your sand dune. With natural oils and fruit essences, this creamy blend dissolves dirt as it strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier – helping to boost your complexion’s resistance to keep ‘bad stuff’ out while keeping all the ‘good stuff’ (like much-needed moisture) locked ‘in’.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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