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It’s never been so easy to match your mane to your outfit

Bored of brown? Thanks to {BLEACH London} and their extensive range of at-home hair colours, it’s never been so easy to upgrade your mane to match your outfit. With semi-permanent dyes and a range of wash-in rinses, you can be blue one week and pink the next – depending on your mood (and your ensemble). The brand has thought of everything – from {Dip Dye Kits} to {Total Bleach} – they’ve made it effortless to elevate your locks from ‘meh’ to mermaid-worthy.

Fancy going aquamarine for Hallowe’en? The brilliant {Super Cool Colour} in ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ tints your tresses in an instant (ish). A semi-permanent cream mask, you can adjust the end result – from pastel green to turquoise – depending on development time (30 minutes is ideal). Just massage into towel dried (still damp!) hair, then paint your nails/watch University Challenge/browse your Instagram for half an hour before rinsing to reveal a head of tumbling, sea-foam waves.

Fancy fuchsia? {The Big Pink} is a magical magenta, or opt for denim-hued {Blullini} if you’re never seen in anything but vintage, stonewashed ‘mom’ jeans. Or, for those who like to keep things über-cool, the {Silver Shampoo} counteracts the brassiness of blonde – it’s ideal if your ‘ice white’ comes from bottles (we won’t tell if you don’t).

So, if you’ve long been longing for an opportunity to reinvent yourself, these affordable colouring kits indulge chameleonic tendencies without commitment. The shades disappear within 2-10 washes (no tell-tale tidelines), while the at home colour-stripping kits mean you can go peroxide, bombshell-worthy blonde without the expense of a salon visit.

And if you have a change of heart and want to rid yourself of pigment in a jiffy, the ingenious {Washing Out Liquid} helps to fast-track fading so you can move on to your next hair hue or get back to ‘au naturel’ in no time. The only hard part is determining which shade you want to try first. Which one will you go for? Let us know in the comments below.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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