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The Lady Behind This Year’s Clever Hair Invention

Thanks to {SILKE London’s} clever slip-on hair wraps, you need never have another bad hair day (and it’s all thanks to the 100% pure silk they’re crafted from). It all started when their founder went on a quest to banish “bed hair” once and for all …

Before she created {SILKE London}, Maria Sotiriou (below) was a lady with a mission: to find a product that would encourage her hair to grow, retain its style and prevent it breaking off at the ends. (Being of Mediterranean and Caribbean descent, her thick, wavy hair was prone to frizz.) It was only when she woke up one morning and noticed that her pillow was covered in split ends that she realised the damage was being done overnight as her head rubbed against her pillow. So she began to sport every type of cap, wrap and scarf under the sun to try and minimise the damage.

She stumbled upon pure silk and – hey presto! Her hair transformed in no time at all, breakages were drastically reduced and she was left with full, lustrous locks. Her clients noticed too and immediately asked what her secret was. Shortly after, she developed the {SILKE London}, hair wraps – a chic twist on the time-tested tradition of wrapping hair, so that others could benefit from her discovery too. Her daughter Christine was so impressed with her mum’s endeavours, she even left her job in finance to join the business, helping to promote the brand.

{SILKE London} wraps not only look gorgeous, but they cocoon the hair as you sleep – as well as keep it in place rather than have it moving about on the pillow. Simply twist it in a bun or any style you like (but don’t use pins as these can damage the delicate silk) pop on the wrap and catch some zzzs. It’s that simple. Then the next morning, wake up with your hairstyle intact, frizz eliminated and stronger, nourished hair if you use it regularly.

Each {SILKE London} wrap design has a gorgeous 1920s look to it – much more preferable to the “Auntie Hilda” effect of wearing rollers to bed. Wear them on the beach to keep your tresses protected from the sun too – just make sure your hair’s dry.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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