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The Natural, Stateside Beauty Brands Your Bathroom Needs

All-natural All-American Beauty

Many of the beauty brands we’re currently coo-ing over have been served up by the States. Leading the all-natural charge, the likes of {SkinOwl} and {Tata Harper} are refusing to compromise – determined to combine clean, organic ingredients with efficacy – to care for your complexions and wellbeing. From seemingly humble beginnings (SkinOwl’s Annie Tevelin was blending the oils in her kitchen), these ‘niche’ skin care ranges are really exciting – causing a stir in the US and gradually earning a well-deserved place on the world’s beauty radar. So, don’t know your Tammy from your Tata? We’re here to explain all.

Tata Harper Group Shot

{Tata Harper}

Seriously anti-ageing, Tata Harper’s signature green bottles contain seriously green goodness. Almost all of the ingredients are home grown on Tata’s Vermont farmland, before being whizzed up into supernatural, skin-correcting formulas – completely-free from superfluous (and potentially harmful), chemical additives.

Following her stepfather’s cancer diagnosis, Tata started studying ingredient listings – not just food labels, but those on the products she used every day. Shocked by the number of dubious, often unnecessary synthetics, she decided to take matters into her own (very capable) hands. The result? {Tata Harper} – a range beloved by organic guru Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as skin care oracle Caroline Hirons. VOGUE even went so far as to call the range “life changing”… praise doesn’t come higher than that, right?

{Try} the luxurious {Purifying Cleanser} – a gentle detoxifying, decongesting creamy cleanser that eliminates make up, dirt and pollutants. The {Replenishing Nutrient Complex} acts like a force-field for your face – keeping moisture and minerals in, and free radicals out. And the {Resurfacing Mask} – an Allure ‘Best of Beauty’ award-winner, described by Bazaar as ‘a facial in a jar’.


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{Tammy Fender}

A trained aesthetician, {Tammy Fender} encourages her clients to be mindful – to listen to their bodies and acknowledge the ever-changing needs of their skin. Our largest organ, Tammy’s approach to skin maintenance is holistic – everything is connected, which is why her exquisite range is brimming with skin-essential vitamins, minerals and essential oils, to ‘feed’ skin cells and help to re-establish equilibrium.

Seemingly ageless, Julianne Moore is a devotee, and those clever Cult Beauty customers who’ve already succumbed to temptation are evangelical about the products’ efficacy. Having received samples, many have bought the full size on the strength of the sachet alone – so impressed by the phenomenal, complexion correcting benefits.

{Try} the {Intensive Repair Balm} – which one customer described as the ‘most wonderful product [she had] ever bought’; a rich, skin-strengthening treatment for stressed, sensitised and chronically dehydrated skin types. And the {Epi-Peel} – and exfoliator-cum-mask which refines skin texture and recovers lost radiance.


SkinOwl Eye + with Cucumber


Make up artist Annie Tevelin was plagued by seemingly incurable acne. ‘I had skin I was ashamed of’ said Annie – who tried everything to clarify and decongest her angry, rebellious complexion – without success. She decided enough was enough, and enrolled in a cosmetic chemistry course – to try and understand what was making her skin so unhappy. It was there, while learning about ingredients and the horrors hidden within obscure, ‘made up’ trademarks, that she realised she needed to go back to basics.

Having created a Facebook group, to share the knowledge she was steadily acquiring, people started pleading with the {SkinOwl} to distil her wisdom into topical treatments… and we’re SO delighted that she did. Using the highest grade botanical extracts, her range is small – but perfectly formed.

{Try} the {Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen} – starring skin-oxygenating mangosteen oil, to promote cell heath and skin radiance, and the incredible {Eye +} – instantly lifting and cooling, this refreshing gel is rich in hydrating aloe and anti-inflammatory cucumber to leave you looking bright eyed (and bushy tailed).




Ever wondered what happens when a pro make up artist (and former creative consultant for NARS), teams up with a cosmetic dermatologist and a (self-confessed) ‘tree hugging entrepreneur’? The answer is {W3LL PEOPLE} – a pioneering new breed of organic make up, which very successfully marries purity with performance.

Perfect for all those who’re looking to clean up their act (and their make up bag), these skin-friendly formulations are long-wearing and richly-pigmented, to deliver all the pros of ‘going green’ without the all-too-common cons (limited colours, questionable textures and short shelf-life).

{Try} the {Expressionist Mascara} – the jewel in W3LL PEOPLE’s crown, it grants full, fluttering eyelashes without any chemical nasties. And the {Bio Bronzer Stick} is a summer essential – a convenient, twist up stick which lends skin a gorgeous, believe sunkissed gleam.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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