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Q&A With Fillerina Brand Ambassador Cassandra Brown

Fillerina Filler Treatment - The Best Alternative To Botox

We are SO excited to be launching {Fillerina} on Cult Beauty – a pioneering range of at-home, non-surgical fillers (the best alternative to botox). We caught up with brand ambassador Cassandra Brown, who explained the science behind this fantastic new skin care.

{Cult Beauty} Fillerina is a pioneering new range – but the Filler Treatment does look a little daunting to the uninitiated. Can you explain (in layman’s terms) how it works, and how to use it?

Fillerina Filler Treatment Applicator{Cassandra Brown} Fillerina’s main ingredient is {hyaluronic acid} – which is found in skin naturally, and combines with water to give skin its plumpness and turgor. As we age, our levels of HA begin to deplete, resulting in a reduction in ‘volume’ (cheekbones, lips and under eyes etc.) and the development of lines and wrinkles. The problem (until now!) with replacing HA was the size of the molecules – most are too big to penetrate skin’s lower layers. {Fillerina} contains a unique, patented blend of hyaluronic acid molecules, of differing structure and size (including some teeny weeny ones) which pass straight through – which means no need for needles. What’s more, Fillerina contains collagen-stimulating peptides, to improve skin’s structural framework (think of collagen as ‘scaffolding’, holding skin ‘up’) and in turn, reduce the depth of furrows.

Using Fillerina is really simple, so don’t be scared! It comes with a special applicator that allows you to draw up the Fillerina Gel and then accurately deliver it into the wrinkles, or any areas that need a little extra volume. It is recommended that you use 2ml of gel per day – just leave it for ten minutes before patting any residue into the skin – then follow with the Nourishing Film, which contains moisturising ingredients to ensure sustained hydration.

{CB} The ‘Grade’ system relates to skin condition and wrinkle depth. Who should be using each grade (age/skin type etc.) – and why shouldn’t everyone plump straight for Grade 3 (for the quickest fix possible)?

Fillerina Nourishing Film Applicator{CB} The grading system was developed to provide a choice and to help find the most effective solution for each individual. Fillerina has undergone extensive efficacy tests, which have shown that by choosing the maximum grade you will not necessarily get greater benefit – it’s better to choose the right grade for your skin type. So, {Grade 1} is for those who feel they have moderate signs of ageing – some wrinkles and expression lines (the onset of crows feet and forehead wrinkles), and the beginnings of reduction in lip/cheek volume. {Grade 2} is for those with visible lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin surface and a reduction in cheekbone and lip volume. If you have deep wrinkles and furrows (‘elevens’, for example) and more pronounced loss of volume, then {Grade 3} is for you.

{CB} Can people mix and match different grades to treat different areas of their face and neck?

{CB} Yes absolutely! That’s the great thing about the option of the different grades and different product within the range.


Fillerina Filler Treatment

{CB} As you mentioned, the ‘Phase 1’ Filler contains six different hyaluronic acids – why is it necessary to have so many, and how do they behave differently?

{CB} The difference in the weight and structure means that some (the smaller ones) can pass more easily into skin’s lower layers. This is really important because – as I explained earlier – HA molecules are usually too large to reach the lower levels of the epidermis and the dermis… which is why you normally need a needle. Once ‘in position’, every HA molecule attracts water and swells – which causes the plumping effect.

{CB} It’s a fourteen day, intensive treatment. How long do the results (typically) last, and how many times is it advisable to repeat the process throughout the year?

{CB} With correct use (and the right grade), results should last two and a half – three months (obviously depending on lifestyle factors), and it is recommended to repeat the treatment three to four times a year. Your can use the daily treatments – {Day Treament}, {Night Treatment} and {Eye and Lip Treatment} – every day and these help to prolong the effects of the Fillerina Gel. You will get the best effects when you are properly hydrated, because the hyaluronic acid needs to bind with water.

Fillerina Day Treatment, Night Treatment, Eye & Lip Treatment


{CB} You can use the treatment in the morning of evening. Is there a particular benefit to either (which do you prefer)?

{CB} Interestingly, the maximum absorption of the gel is after eight hours (it’s when it has fully penetrated to reach all layers of the skin), so I would recommend doing the treatment at night, so that while you are sleeping, Fillerina is getting to work. It’s also the time when skin is repairing itself so you are likely to get the most benefits. I definitely prefer using it in the evening.

{CB} And finally, do you have any tips or tricks to getting the most from this fabulous range?

{CB} Make sure you cleanse the skin thoroughly before application – this means that you prepare the skin for maximum absorption. Also be sure to hydrate well so that you optimise the hyaluronic acid’s function and get the best result. Following the ten minutes after application of the gel, pat the skin to help any remaining gel to be absorbed, don’t rub it – rubbing it may result in a residue. Also, be a bit patient when you draw up the Nourishing Film into the applicator, because it is thicker and will take more time than the gel. Most of all, I hope you enjoy using the product – and the results!


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