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Bridal Beauty Countdown: 3 Weeks

Karen Cummings-Palmer

It’s now just-under 3 weeks ’til our faaaabulous nutritional expert Karen Cummings-Palmer says ‘I do’, and we caught up with her to discover which (almost) last-minute glow-bestowers she’s been reaching for…

{Cult Beauty} Hi lovely Karen! W-Day is almost here (hooray!) and in your efforts to look even more luminous than you already do, are there any extra skin care wonders you’re adoring?

{Karen Cummings-Palmer} YES! Like any bride, I want to look radiant when I get married, and have been exfoliating regularly in a bid to get my skin feeling velvety smooth, with that wonderful lit-from-within quality that is the happy side-effect of regular (gentle) resurfacing. There are so many options on the market, but I’m currently worshipping at the Oskia altar – their {Renaissance Mask} is a warming, tingling treatment that leaves my skin looking like new. I’m using twice a week and am impressed (you can also use it like a facial polish – just massage into skin with fingertips, then rinse for immediate brightening benefit)!

{CB} …and of course, we have to ask about supplements!

{K C-P} Ha ha! But of course. I am terrified of catching one of those hideous, post-summer lurgies so have really upped the vitamin C. I swear by {Altrient C} – I just squeeze a sachet into water, and down it without any stirring (it doesn’t have a nasty taste, but I find it more palatable if I don’t ‘disturb’ the blob). This is without doubt the best vit C supplement I’ve found for bolstering immunity – and boosting collagen. Double joy!

{CB} How about hair?

{K C-P} With only a few weeks left, it’s all about maintaining (and making the best of) what you’ve got, rather than making significant changes. My afro hair can be fragile and dry, so I’m sleeping on a {Silk Pillowcase} and tying it up with a velveteen scrunchie at bedtime. And at the risk of preaching to the converted, eating breakfast is an essential part of any health and beauty routine – especially for any bride-to-be. Eggs are an excellent source of bio-available protein, as well as being rich in biotin which helps to support general hair health. I have eggs for breakfast 4 or 5 times a week, and am also conscientiously ploughing through mountains of superfood heroes such as kale, sweet potatoes, berries, avocados, raw nuts and coconut oil, to up my intake of ‘good’ fats and hair and skin-strengthening silica, zinc and vitamin A.

{CB} …and nails?

{K C-P} Keep CND’s {SolarOil} by your bed and use it every night, without fail. Make it as obligatory as teeth cleaning, to ward against pesky hangnails and help prep your nails for a long lasting gel manicure (which can compromise their wellbeing, but helps to guarantee a chip-free, ultra-glossy finish).

Karen Cummings-PalmerAnd remember – opportunities to work out are everywhere. Engage your core standing up on the train, always take the stairs, pull your tummy to your spine… if you can’t work out, ‘work in’. I’m trying to avoid putting on pounds rather than losing any extra and find sticking to good, complex carbs at lunch time (things like squash and quinoa), and protein and vegetables in the evening works really well. Every ounce of effort helps – and once part of your routine, effort soon becomes effortless!

If you’re serious about getting wedding-ready but need some dietary guidance, Karen will help you create a nutritional plan that fits in with your lifestyle. Contact her directly via

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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