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“Let’s be honest – you’re probably more likely to be juggling 12 pints of cider than perfecting your double cleanse at a festival. But just because you’re camping in the wilderness, it doesn’t mean your skin should suffer. As a frequent festival goer, I’ve pretty much nailed my ultimate festival beauty regime, so here’s what to pack (alongside your wellies and rave paint):

{The Festival} The number one rule of festival skin care is removing your make up before you go to bed. We all know we should do this anyway, but it’s especially imperative if you can’t get to a shower or even wash your face the next day. Ease and speed are paramount when you get back to your tent at 3am (read: 6am), so I go for Resultime by Collin’s quick and refreshing {Micellar Water}. This is a make up remover and cleanser all in one, so will leave more space in your rucksack for cereal bars and floral headwear. Slather on some of Embryolisse’s {Lait Crème Concentre} (the lightweight moisturiser I take EVERYWHERE) and get some sleep, sharpish.

When you wake up, repeat the {Micellar Water} to get rid of tent sweat (grim) and any remaining grime. Next, I cover my face with Omorovicza’s refreshing and purifying toner, the {Queen of Hungary Mist}. It’s THE best thing to wake up your face after a heavy night/little sleep; my friends line up for a spritz (even the boys). If you’re going to be sitting out in the sun all day, it’s essential that you protect your skin with appropriate levels of SPF. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll make it back to my tent mid-way through the day to reapply, so I go for Alpha-H’s {Protection Plus Daily SPF 50}, which moisturises and primes my skin for make up and, of course, lashings of glitter.

{The Recovery} The few days after you get back from a festival are nothing short of treacherous. My sleep-deprived, shower-deprived skin needs a lot of love to get it back to its former glory. The second I get home, I shower and whack on a good helping of May Lindstrom’s {The Honey Mud}. Covering your face in mud may be the last thing you want to do on return from a festival, but trust me – this is GOOD mud. You can physically see the grime (make up, muck and sequins) being drawn from pores. Follow it up with a dose of Oskia’s {Restoration Oil}, which will give you back a bit of ‘glow’ and smells a lot better than the inside of a tent. I’ve been trying out the Rejuvenated {H30 Hydration} supplement every night to help my body hydrate itself at a cellular level, and have really noticed how much quicker my skin recovers from dehydration, so this is a must.”


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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