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The old red lip conundrum. To bite the bullet or not bite the bullet (hypothetically of course), now that is the question.

There are those who don’t feel dressed without a signature slick of the red stuff (Gwen Stefani, mybestfriendPhoebe); those who flirt with it for special occasions (me at Christmas) and then there are those who can never find one ‘juuuuuuust right’ – who try but consistently fail to fall head-over-heels for its face brightening benefits.

Make-up maestro Julie Hewett understands this predicament only too well and, firm in her belief that it ‘all begins with the lips’, she set about developing a range of red {lipsticks} in varying textures and tones, to take the trial and error out of finding the perfect match.

So whether you’re a lipstick-phile or phobe, this guide will ensure you look radiant in red.

A dazzling, true matte red {Rouge Noir} is a 40s-inspired ‘movie star’ shade that complements all skin tones.

A beautiful matte aubergine (Sin Noir} is flapper-tastic – gorgeous on those with warmer skin tones, as well as pale-skinned beauties who love the Clara Bow effect

A vibrant scarlet with blue undertones, {Femme Noir} flatters those with medium to cool complexions. It’s a bold 1930s shade we’re certain would have graced the face of Marlene Dietrich or Claudette Colbert.

Don’t know whether you’re ‘warm’ or ‘cool’? Here are some quick tips to identifying your colouring…

{The Vein Test} – During the day in natural light (stand outside or near an open window), make a fist and examine the veins on your inner wrist. If the veins appear blue, it’s a sign that you’re cool toned. If they look green, you’re probably warm toned.

Warm toned skin tends to have a peach or apricot undertone. Hair colour is usually golden, yellow blonde or red and eyes generally amber, dark brown, hazel or green.

Cool toned skin has pink or rosy undertones. Hair colour usually has a slightly blue, silver or ashy hue and eyes are blue, grey, cool brown or almost black.

If you’re still unsure – you might be neutral toned (lucky thing) which means you can wear virtually anything and look fabulous.

A vampy, 30s red, {Coco Noir} is a matte brick colour that’s universally flattering. A single coat will give a wearable stain for daytime, or you can apply, blot and re-apply for more daring evening look

This bright, coral shade looks arresting on olive-skinned blondes and brunettes. It’s a beautiful colour for summer and works really well under clear or apricot-toned {lip gloss}.

{Nude Noir} was created specifically for Julie’s best friend who had an aversion to ‘look at me’ lipstick. This shimmering 60s neutral is a gorgeous shade for those who subscribe to the ‘less is more’ approach

One of Julie’s sheer formulas {Gem Noir} is an ideal introduction for red lip beginners, delivering a translucent hint of rosy red pigment. Suits most light to medium skin tones.

*For a limited time only, while stocks last.

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Verity Douglas

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