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Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday The Retouch One -Face Mist SPF30 75ml

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Not amazing

Its fine, but no mater how much you shake it , it comes out with white droplets that you have to spread with your hands

by Joana Verified Purchase

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Not what I expected

Agree with most reviews here that the spray sucks! It’s not a consistent spraying action but more like pumps. But for me the works thing is the consistency/formula… Instructions say to spray generously to top up but product is really oily… more than two pumps and my glasses slip down my nose 😂😂 and makeup smears all over when used as a top up. I’ll try it without makeup or on my arms.

by Carola Verified Purchase

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change the packaging

the packaging is of very low quality. I purchased it two times, always had problems with the product leaking because of the packaging. the SPF is okay

by Ina Verified Purchase

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Not ideal for over makeup

The spray is not fine enough to apply nicely over makeup, you get these small chunks all over. The can also had small dents when it arrived. I will be using this up on my body

by Ingrid Verified Purchase

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Not a big fan

The spray is not fine enough. Bought this to use over makeup during the day to reapply SPF. Doesn't really work like this.. It's fine used under makeup.

by Merilin Verified Purchase

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Leaks everywhere

From day one the spray doesn't really work, it leaks everywhrere plus it smells very strange... maybe I fot a bad batch?

by Beatriz Verified Purchase

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I feel bad saying this

I bought two of these. They really are the worst sprays i have ever used. For one of them, the spray doesn't even work anymore so the product is just wasted in the tin can.

by Ryan Verified Purchase

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Waste of money

The initial few spritzs were okay and I really liked how finely it dispensed on my face, wasn't greasy at all and dried quickly. Unfortunately it stopped working after a DAY. The mist comes out in drops, or doesn't at all, and it's soo oily??? I tried cleaning the cap but it did not help. Shouldn't have bought 3 bottles at a time://

by Dani Verified Purchase

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Spray stopped workinh

I haven’t been able to dispense enough product to judge the qualityAfter a few sprays it stopped working and the nozzle seems to be clogged with the product despite rinsing it

by DGee

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Spray doesn’t work

The spray action worked for the initial use but after that stopped working. Needs better packaging.

by Helen

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