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Getting your beauty sleep right, Slip is built around the success of its signature silk. Dreaming up products from slipsilk, a material specially commissioned, developed and refined over ten years, the brand boosts strength, shine and softness to both your skin and strands. With Slip’s original silk pillowcases proving to improve both your complexion and hair health, its range now expands to include scrunchies, headbands and eye masks too.



Australian brand Slip has been creating pure silk products since 2004, when its founder Fiona Stewart was prescribed a silk pillowcase by her dermatologist – as a solution for her thinning hair and sensitive skin. Unable to find one, she wrapped her pillow in the finest silk she could find, and the results were immediate and effective. With that in mind, soon after discovering silk’s long forgotten beauty secret, the co-founder teamed up with her partner Justin Dubois to officially launch Slip – the first brand to market a silk pillowcase as a beauty product. Family-run and more than just a beauty brand, the team work hard to provide a good night’s sleep while preventing irritation and breakages to your strands and skin.


Why switch to a slipsilk pillowcase? We’re glad you asked. Firstly, the soft and smooth material is renowned for absorbing less moisture than your typical bedding – meaning your skin is able to stay hydrated, preventing dry and itchy skin as you sleep. What’s more, slipsilk is less likely to soak up all your evening beauty products (we’re talking creams, serums, hair masks and more), so you can enjoy their benefits as you enjoy some long-awaited shut eye.


As a family-owned and operated Australian business with community at its core, Slip is committed and proud to support charities such as: woman of woman international, baby2baby and one tree planted. Looking out for both the planet and its inhabitants, the brand gives back by donating and supplying schools with equipment needed to educate and inform.